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Our Mission

To elevate triathletes of all abilities globally, creating a team of athletes who train and race at their fullest potential.

Providing the tools and expertise necessary to realize each individual’s goal via access to top experts in the sport and personal attention creating accountability is paramount and part of our objective.Emphasizing FUN and bonding with similar-minded people, sharing the same passions and struggles is ingrained in our purpose. A motley crew of personalities, professionals, experts, and beginners make for a team that can make each other laugh and cry while supporting along the way.

For $29 a Month here’s exactly what you get …

40+ Super Sessions

HD video from the best in the world

Get access to the most lethal and effective triathlon training sessions used by world champions, in high-definition video for you to follow. Growing constantly.

iPhone + Android App

Access to everything while on the go

Our new online app allows you to access all the videos + your plan/s + tips + recipes + forum + much more. We understand everyone’s on smart phones and we will be constantly growing and improving these apps.

Chloe McLeod

Sports dietician and accredited practicing dietician

On the MaccaX online platform, McLeod provides athletes nutrition advice and nutrition plans even in the remotest of locations.

1 Training Plan just for you

Clear roadmap to success

You pick the type of race you’re training for and your ability and we’ll match you with a plan specifically that fits this mould + has all the key training sessions on the right days for you to follow. Also accessible via our App!

Direct Access to experts

training & racing – nutrition – sports science

Anything you need to know to succeed in triathlon, just ask our team of professional athletes, experts, and coaches who draw on years of experience and knowledge.


Athletes around the world just like you!

North America, Australia, Europe, Asia… we are the largest global triathlon team and still growing! Train and race anywhere in the world with fellow teammates. You’ll be amazed how many people like you are out there.

Inspiration and accountability

Stay motivated

Get pushed to do more than you could on your own with our special brand of team support and encouragement you won’t find anywhere else.


Work hard, play hard

We know how to train hard but we also know how to let loose and have a good time!


held around the world each year

Learn directly from a world champion, level up your fitness, and meet cool new friends. USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.

Team Kits

uniform – visor/trucker hats – shirts

Show off your team colors and be part of something great.

Sponsor Swag

get gear from our amazing partners

25% off blueseventy gear, 10% off partner races, and More.

Our Sister Elite Team

Bahrain Endurance 13

This team is stacked with the absolute best triathletes on the planet. Our Boss man Chris McCormack is the Director and will be helping us get as much great content from there guys as we can.

Broadcast Centre

podcast – live video chat

Get the inside track on the sport of triathlon straight from Macca with our podcast. Be in the know with live video chats with experts and special guests.

Who is this product for, you ask?

First Timers – Want to give yourself the ultimate challenge? Start training with Macca right now and see if you’ve got what it takes! Every session has a beginners option included.

Weekend Warriors – Want to pick up your game? Macca will kick your ass and you’ll love it! Dominate your mates with ease and they will soon start asking you for pointers.

Fitness Fanatics – Weights and cardio? These won’t even get you close to the level of fitness that good triathletes have. Up your game and go elite with your training!

Triathlon Lovers – Love the sport but having a hard time finding enough time to train and improve? If you’re up for the challenge, Macca will show you exactly how to get back on track!

Semi-Pro Triathletes – These workouts have been hand-picked by the Australian Olympic team, Tour de France cyclists, and Olympic runners. They will absolutely blow your socks off and make you a better athlete in every way!

Coaches – Use this to enhance what you’re already doing with your athletes. This is not a coaching program, but when combined with the knowledge and execution of a good coach, it is very powerful!

Don’t forget the bonus…

Broken Bone

The perfect race day preparation
training set.

This session was used religiously by Mark Bone while training triathletes Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty in their build up to the 2004 Summer Olympics where Hamish got the Gold and Bevan Silver.


Like the name suggests, this will get
your heart rate right up there.

The main set is 2400 meters long and strategically designed to increase your swim speed and strength for race day.

Iron Heart

Mark Bone is hands down the #1
triathlon swim coach in New Zealand
and has a history of making great athletes who can’t swim turn into front of the pack swimmers.

Triathletes from all over the country move to Auckland, New Zealand to swim with Mark Bone. This is his #1 foundation session, in detail! No stone is left unturned.


Session taken from the legendary Australian swim coach Cole Robson who has trained everyone including Macca, Craig Alexander, Brad Bevan and more.

This session is designed to get triathletes swimming much much faster.

Usain Bolts

Triathletes are swimming faster and faster, this set will help you swim extremely fast.

Mark Bone took non-swimmer Hamish Carter to being a front of the pack swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist by doing this exact set. Along with Terenzo Bozzone, Bevan Docherty, Dylan McNeiss & Cameron Brown.

Aerobic Conditioning

This session is being done by every single professional triathlete on a regular basis.

This is the meat and potatoes session that you have to be doing before you tackle any of the speed sessions. This lays down the foundation and gives you the confidence you need to swim long open water distances.

Loose Ends

Taught to Macca by Cole Stewart (Father of Miles Stewart) in the 1990’s and still one of his all time favorites today! loose ends help you stay in control during the back end of your swim, great for Olympic to Iron Distance.

Perfect for maintaining speed and strength so you can come out of the swim fresh and ready to demolish the bike leg.

Open Water Session

Done in Kona, Hawaii, while Chris prepared for Ironman World Champs 2012, he walks you through his #1 open-water swim set that he uses before every big race.

You won’t want to miss this.

Power Ups

Set in the mountains of Davos, Switzerland, this is a key training set that Chris used to recover his bike endurance after he converted from Olympic to long course.

He won the ITU long-course world championship two weeks later.


These will get your heart rate going and strengthen your respiratory system, allowing you to dig deeper on the bike, perform stronger on the hills, and enjoy a strong and smooth ride.


Introduced to Chris by Nick Gates, a multiple Tour de France rider and now the Saxo Bank sports director, these sessions are short but extremely effective and will improve your ability to maintain a faster pace on race day.

Hammer Time Hill Repeats

Five-time world champion triathlete Terenzo Bozzone shares with you his #1 workout session for hilly bike courses.

He currently holds the Wildflower course record and is a regular training partner of Macca’s. No stone goes unturned with this workout; he gives you everything!


Strength & Power, big gear work. Perfect off season maintenance session when you don’t have much time.

Wolf (full length)

FULL SESSION: Train with Macca in real time!

Great speed session to help you break away right out of T1 or to stay away and hold off the pack behind you. Turbo Trainer, Indoor session. Race simulation work, problem solving session.

The Bank (full length)

Hands down Macca’s favorite indoor trainer set of all time. A classic he learnt in the 90’s that he still uses religiously today to help with his foundation work and peddling efficiency.

The Classic (full length)

FULL LENGTH: Train with Macca in real time and watch him suffer!!

Taught to Macca by his strength and conditioning coach Mick Gilliam who used this alot with Greg Welch and Spencer Smith in the 90’s. Excellent indoor trainer set for those that are dealing with bad weather and still need a solid training session done.

Tempo Trial Run

Tempo based trail run that Macca has specifically modified over the years for triathlon.

Done differently than a traditional tempo run so triathletes can benefit from running off the bike and remaining in control up and down hills.

Echoes (full length)

The perfect indoor set for those bad weather days when you’re unable to get outside. Suffer with Macca in real time using one of his core Speed workouts.

Adjust the speed to your own pace and enjoy this 30 minute tough as nails workout.


Putting in the base miles is key for every endurance athlete.

Chris shows you exactly how you can do this more effectively while keeping it fun and, hopefully, injury-free.


This will enable you to build pure running speed.

Chris did this set with five of the 2012 female Olympians (two weeks prior to the games) for triathlon, including Lisa Norden, who won silver in a photo finish.

Hill Repeats

A must do session for any hilly races you may have coming up. Used by Macca and Terenzo in their build up to Wildflower over the years (5 wins + Course Record).

After mastering this session you will only want to race on the toughest courses in the world.

Bricks & Mortar – Track

A must do track session taken from Brett Sutton, something he’s had every single one of his 11 World Champions do over the years. If you’re not doing this session you’re seriously missing out. Macca also throws in an Ironman specific modification to this session that he’s used in all his Kona training camps over the years.


Set on the beautiful trails of Davos, Switzerland, this set was introduced to Chris by one of Australia’s greatest marathon runners of all time, Steve Moneghetti, to help strengthen the second half of his marathon.


This is used to increase your leg speed so you can run faster. It’s used heavily in training for sprint or olympic distance races.

Chris shows you exactly how he uses the treadmill with Cameron Good a rising ITU star actually doing the session.

Bonus videos

Lung Busters

Introduced to Chris by Craig Walton, one of the greatest triathlon swimmer of all time, and Coach Denis Cotterell, who coached China’s Sun Yang to gold in the 2012 1500m final.


Builds leg speed & pace, great during the off season or during taper mode. Can be done at the gym or at home on treadmill.

Time Trial

Used in Kona, Hawaii, during training camp in preparation for the 2012 Ironman World Championships, this will help you with your bike speed and increase your ability to go fast!


The perfect lunch time session when you’ve only got an hour to train. High intensity, low in time. Best bang for your buck.

The MaccaNow Foundation is set up to commemorate Chris McCormack’s mother who passed away from breast cancer in 1999. Our initial intention is to raise $2,735,373 to provide assistance to families who are in active treatment for breast cancer in order to lessen the financial burdens and improve their quality of life. A portion of all proceeds go towards the MaccaNow Foundation.

Why should we listen to you?

Here are some of my career stats:
Won 76% of career events.
Finished on the podium 88% of the time.
Won 200+ races around the world since 1993.
Olympic Course + Ironman World Champion.
Twelve Ironman Victories, more Than any other male.
Broken 8 hrs in Ironman distances 4 times. (Only man to do so)
Five-time International Triathlete of the Year.
Five-time Competitor of the Year.
ESPN World’s Fittest Man.

Your membership includes:
Instant access to all videos on our private membership site
IPhone + Android App with access to everything.
Free upgrades over time, as we continue to add more sessions.
Downloadable pdf’s of each session for beginner, intermediate & pro’s.

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