cropped-0796_049089By Timothy Louis – http://tritimothy.wordpress.com/

Amy and I arrived in Mont Tremblant late on Thursday September 4th. Because we had spent some time in Mont Tremblant a couple months earlier, we knew exactly where to go. Using Home Away, Amy found this great little condo that was just a couple hundred meters from the Ironman Village and finish line. It was perfect!

Friday morning we headed to the swim start area for a AWA Gold Athlete breakfast and a little training swim. In my opinion, the AWA (All World Athlete) program that WTC (Ironman) started last year is awesome. Great for business and a fun competitive feather for the age group athletes. Last year, I was thrilled to achieve the level of Gold AWA (top 1% in the world in my age group). The water was great and the breakfast was nice. Lots of fun hanging out with other AWA Gold level competitors.

After breakfast, I checked in for the race in the Ironman Village area and then picked up my bike from Tri Bike Transport. I took a 45 minute spin on my bike and then settled in for some rest in the condo.

Big Breakfast Saturday morning and then more rest. Bike and gear bags checked in about 3pm.

Even though I slept pretty well Saturday night, and my start time was quite reasonable (8:48am), the morning came quickly. I was up at 5:30am to eat breakfast (3 cups applesauce, 1 banana, protein shake, and a bottle of PowerBar Ironman Perform). I walked down to transition at about 6:10am to get my TREK Speed Concept 9.9 ready for the race. Tires pumped to 115psi, two bottles of Ironman Perform on board, Garmin Computer attached, Shimano shoes clipped in, and 4 Gu packs plus 1/2 power bar in my top tube box. Back to the condo to rest and digest.

Amy and I walked to the swim start at about 7:45. At 8:10 I drank my beet juice and took SportLegs. Got my ROKA wetsuits on at about 8:20 and sucked down my first Salted Carmel GU of the day (with a water chaser of course). I kissed Amy and headed down to spend a little time splashing in the water to get ready for the start.

My heart was pounding as I toed the line on the beach and waited for the gun. Pow! We were in the water and sprinting for the first buoy. A aggressive start with a great competitive spirit. I came out unscathed in front of the middle of the pack. As we rounded the first buoy, a fellow competitor decided I was in his way and he clawed over me pushing me down and pushing me back to propel himself forward. Not cool dude! I kept swimming hard and could only think that karma was now not on his side. I was out of the water in 29 minutes, about 22nd in my age group.

300 meter run to T1 where my swim to bike gear bag awaited me. With my Kask Bambino helmet and SPY Mathew Busche SCREW sunglasses on, I ran to my bike and headed for the bike exit. I hopped on my bike after the mount line and quickly realized I had forgotten to undo the velcro enclosures on my shoes. Not a big deal, but I did have to reach down as I was rolling and unstrap the velcro in order to get my feet into the shoes and then fasten the straps. Only cost me a few seconds I’m sure :-).

The 56 mile bike leg is beautiful. It’s kind of a three spoke out and back with about 3500 feet of climbing. I averaged 22.2 mph and 156watts on the bike. Not bad. I finished the bike leg in 2:30:14 and had moved up 6 places to 16th in my age group. As per my nutrition plan, I ate 1/3 of a power bar about 10 minutes into the ride, and then sucked down a GU at +:40, +1:25, and +2:15. I drank two 21oz bottles of Ironman Perform on the bike. I went #1 on the bike about 4 times during the ride.

Feet out of my shoes, I hit the dismount line running. The coolest thing about the Worlds is that you just hand your bike to a volunteer and run to grab your bike to run gear bag. I got my gear bag, put my HOKA Cliftons shoes on, and started running while I put on my race number belt, my hat, and my GARMIN 620 watch.

The run is two out and backs that take you to the Mont Tremblant village and back to the Mont Tremblant resort area. Beautiful run with rolling hills and then a steep (24% grade) punchy little climb (100 meters or so) up through the resort area at about mile 6.5 and 12.5. On your second lap, you drop into the finish shoot and cross the line. WaaHooooooo. I finished in 1:43:19 (7:54 pace) which I was very happy about. Unfortunately, during the run, I was passed by 13 guys in my age group. On the run, I kept a salt pill in my mouth most of the time, I took a few Salt Stick Cap+ pills, I ate a Clif Block every two miles, and I sucked down a Salted Carmel GU at mile 7. I dumped water on my head at every aid starting and took a few sips of Ironman Perform at 4 of the aid stations. At the aid station with about 3 miles to go, I took a gulp of Coke (#awesome).

GREAT experience! 29th out of 133 in my Age Group, 12th out of 44 in my Age Group from the USA, and 1st out of 1 in my Age Group from Arizona.

Next year, I hope to qualify again because the 2015 Championat du Monde is going the be held in Austria!

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