February 25, 2015


Macca announces the Bahrain team deal, talks about tapering and racing angry Challenge Dubai 2015 Preview Bahrain Endurance Team Thanyapura Super Coaches Nick Gates + Miguel
February 25, 2015

Racing Angry in Triathlon

At the weekend Ian Graham competed at Challenge Wanaka, a full ironman distance race.  In his race report below he explains how he raced angry.  Check
February 23, 2015

Weekend Racing – with Team MaccaX

It was a big weekend of racing for the team from sprints through to Ultraman. Let’s start with Huskisson Triathlon where Jane Duffy competed in the
February 18, 2015

Recipe of the Week – Spice Grilled Mahi Mahi

Chef Tim Recher brings a taste of Florida to the US winter Spice Grilled Mahi Mahi with pico quinoa pilaf, grilled broccolini, and avocado relish The
February 17, 2015

Off Season to On Season Tips

Coach Sergio posted this great article this week featuring tips on the transition from Off to On Season. http://muuve.com/sports/triathlon/off-season-season-dos-donts-tri-season/ Check out Triathlon training plans from Sergio here.