August 31, 2015

Breathing Techniques – Rachel Vickery

Rachel Vickery gave a great session at the recent Australian MaccaX Camp on breathing techniques and here’s some follow up tips for you all.  Feedback has
August 24, 2015

Building Bike Strength

Long-distance racing is a battle of attrition, with the win often going not to the one who goes out fastest, but to the one who slows
August 15, 2015

Coach Sergio – Swim Workout

Swim Workout – 75’s Day ! (Done in 25m/yds pool) Dear athletes, Her’s another great workout for you where we cover a lot of triathlon needs:
August 15, 2015

Coach Sergio – How to get Faster Swimming

This week here at Thanyapura we had another athlete and another success story! Maria Del Carmin on a 1,900m test set improved over TWO minutes from
August 4, 2015

Nick Cicerchi – feeling great with Team MaccaX!

Just a reflection… The 2012 Cleveland Triathlon was my first Olympic Distance race, finishing in 3 hours and 9 minutes bottoming out my age group. Life