Member Spotlight: 5 Minutes with Jeff Nagle

Jeff Nagle, one of our MXVIP members, is a recent Performance of the Month winner thanks to crushing the bike split at Ironman South Africa and coming in 10th in his age group with a time of 10:47. Read more about this quiet achiever who’s also a Kona qualifier.

Tell us what got you into triathlon and then into Ironman?
Was up to 105kg and didn’t like what I saw when wife took a picture. Unilever where I work had a sprint race each year and when I mentioned to a friend was getting fit he suggested Tri. Cannot do anything by half so joined local club to learn all I could. Members were training for Half Ironman at time so entered and some new friends had just done Lanzarote so entered that as well. Especially when the club nobs told me I couldn’t do it. I went alone proved I could and the next year went back with 12 other first timers. I say alone in the context of racing. My wife was there all the way and a big part for me getting to the finish.

Jeff Nagle at Kona 2012

Jeff Nagle at Kona 2012

When was your first Ironman – how did it feel?
Sept 2002 half Wales, May 2003 Lanza. The whole thing was just amazing, but it was about the journey. The race is just a part but all the emotion comes to a head as you run down the finish chute

What’s your training week look like – I know you work shifts how do you fit it all in?
I basically run and bike on alternate days and swim about 3 times when time allows. I run or bike home from work getting in 1 hour at least each day then long bikes and runs on days off.

Who are your heroes in triathlon?
Don’t have heroes as they always let you down by showing you they are human but I admire many Peter Reid and Macca were two as they were on their game as I started. Now I admire Sebastian Kienle.

Gomez or the Brownlees?
I’m a Brit, so the Brownlees. Gomez I think of as their equal though. They are all professional and extremely hard working. Some comments made me laugh the other week about the cocky Brownlees and how they were glad they got a kicking, that said on a Chris Macca site! For us mere mortals they probably seem that way but it’s all part of the game hey Macca?

Allen or Scott?
Equal – Dave was the man and Allen became the man. They helped each other create the legend

Jeff Nagle at Kona 2012What’s your triathlon dream?
Already achieved – qualified for Kona by merit.

Any bucket list races?
Again lucky enough to have done Lanza, NZ, Canada – Penticton, Roth, Wales, SA, loved them all. Norseman is probably the one left though.

What’s your next race?
Undecided, Jodie Swallow recommended Ironman Kalmar – maybe.

Favourite discipline?
The combination.

Worst race experience?
Crashing my brand new bike less than 40 km into IM Lanza in 2004. But finishing and running with a guy in a sling worse off than me and encouraging each other on showed I had to just HTFU and get on with it.

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