How to Train for Aquabike

Team MaccaX member Lucy Richardson asks: My next big big race is the Aquabike World Champs in early July (3km swim/120 ride) so will be building for that soon, but what do I do about running?

I’m currently injured and not running (Achilles i think) so just swim biking anyways, but if/when I can run again soon do I still do much running? I think I do plan on doing 70.3 racing in the future (November maybe) so is there enough time after my aquabike to start again with a tri program and therefore concentrate all on swim biking at the moment, or do some aerobic runs to keep the fitness up? And would I be best to look at Ironman distance training plans for this distance instead of 70.3?

"That Aquabike distance is a lot more like 70.3 racing than Ironman in intensity."

Tim Ford answered: Hey Lucy, I would say to keep up the running if nothing else but to break up your training and also to keep some run fitness there so you aren’t starting from scratch.

As for the plan to follow, personally, I would say the 70.3 plans would be better suited because you won’t be running you will be able to swim and run at a closer intensity to 70.3 racing than IM racing.

If you have a plan, I am happy to have a look and make some tweaks if you like. Again, this is the approach I would take. Other coaches might take a different approach.

Jenna Seefried added: Definitely agree with Tim the 70.3 plan. That distance is a lot more like 70.3 racing than Ironman in intensity especially with no run afterwards you can go at a higher intensity on the bike anyways during the race. Just extend some of your long rides, a lot of 70.3 plans have you swimming that distance and more anyways.

Once you’re healed up I would run aerobically a couple times a week, throw in some strides at times for neuromuscular efficiency — but don’t run hard enough that it hurts your bike and swim or risks injury again.

The biggest thing I hear from athletes is getting yourself mentally ready to really push the bike. As triathletes we are always holding back a bit expecting that run, so learn to overcome that.

MaccaX offers a wide range of triathlon training plans to suit your fitness and goals. You may also inquire with our coaches for customized plans.

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Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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