Ask Macca – Chris Answers questions from the team …

Adrian O'Brien UK

Question: Any advice for the bigger units regards training for Roth?

Andy Basquez USA

Question: Race Nutrition Question ~ After a bit of illness, I’ve done a complete re-boot. Really excited to implement MaccaX 70.3 plan, but I’m still struggling with training/racing nutrition. Starting from scratch, how does one learn what works and what doesn’t? I often get off the bike feeling bloated which makes the run painful and slow. I know that many ‘race fuel’ supplements contain the same ingredients so I’d hate to waste time switching from one to another only to learn that they’re the same product with a different lable. Ideally I don’t want to have to spend 6 months of long rides trying to learn what’s NOT going to leaving me feeling bloated, but WILL give me the sustained energy to keep rolling and to fuel up for the run. Note – my goal for 2016 is breaking 6:30 on a half, so no elite pace here, just looking for gut comfort.

Evelyn - USA

Question: Most important things to look for when trying to choose an IM to KQ.

Curtis Kloc - USA

Question: How does he feel about reverse periodization versus the more typical standard periodization leading up to a long race or several in the same racing season.

Jenna-Caer Seefried: USA

Question: Doing Challenge Penticton and wondering how would you modify an Ironman plan to race ITU long distance, what kind of intensity do you race it at.

Jeff O'Coin, USA

Question: It takes me about 2 miles to get my legs back on the run after T2. Part of the reason is that I’m a low cadence rider, 70-75 rpm is my sweet spot for power/endurance. What would be the best way to improve the start of my run during this off season?

Jason Ripkey, USA

Question: This year I’ve been making solid progress on the bike shaving off more than 20 mins on my half bike time but it seems to have taken away from my running a bit. Getting off the bike a feel great but later on during the run I just seem to fall apart. Any advise on what to work on in the off season? Cheers!

Henning Von Poser, Germany

Question: What do you consider as the optimal duration for an off season period? 2-4 weeks?

James Thomas, U K

Question: I got a child and have taken a full year off. Now it feels like ive never done a single workout before. Whats the best or most sencable way to get back into tri form? Just at a level where its possible to join competitions, not win em hehe.

Martin Schett, Australia

In preparation for an ironman to get a 3.30 marathon what pace should you try and run the long distance runs. Race pace or slow and steady and just use speed work in other work outs. Thanks Macca. Love your podcasts

Julie Ann Dillon, AUSTRALIA

Nutrition tips for an Olympic distance race that starts at 9am…transition closes 5.45 so over 3hrs til race start, will then be running in heat of day at 10.30. What to eat / drink and how much? (Race is Noosa!)

Robert Daniels, Japan

Question:  How do you break the post Ironman funk?

Phil Jarvis, UK

Question: Favourite goto session to progress 5k run pace.

Mike Mort , Aus

Question: Very strong in bike over 40k but struggling with translating that to 90 and 180k. Long training rides are tough. Pacing, nutrition, bike fit? Not sure how to nail it. I ride to power but cannot avoid hills where I live which might be part of the problem.

Mathias Amon, Germany

Question: Im struggling with my weight during the off-season. What did you do during your off-season concerning your food

Tim Ford, Australia

Question: I would like to know of some good strength work to develop strength for running off the bike. Cheers boys

Thomas Bolme, Norway

Question: I got a child and have taken a full year off. Now it feels like ive never done a single workout before. Whats the best or most sencable way to get back into tri form? Just at a level where its possible to join competitions, not win em hehe.

Stuart Gray, U K

Question:  I’m noticing that in training I’m bang on the numbers and can push myself to the limit but when it comes to a race the wheels fall off!! Any help in how to replicate what I can do in training in a race would be grateful.

Sandi Hogan, USA

Question: 650c vs 700c for a smaller rider (5’4″)- your thoughts? Currently I ride 650s and feel comfortable on climbs and flats. Rented a bike in Kona (700c wheels) and struggled more on the hills but felt faster on the flats, of course it wasn’t equipped with a computer so I don’t really know just going off of feel. And it was a different brand of bike. I’m curious if you think I’m holding myself back with a smaller wheel size? Thanks in advance!

David Procida - Australia

Question: Balance and “bang for your buck”. When you’re time crunched with family and work, etc but still want to do effective ironman training, what does Macca see as the most efficient training schedule and type of sessions.

Stephen Burrowes - Australia

Is Crossfit a good thing for Triathletes

Brett Murray - Australia

Turning good training into good racing. I’m a very strong swimmer, but mentally don’t go all out as I know I still have bike and run to come, how do you know your limits

Ross Welton - U.K

Chaps, would love to know if you go back to MAF style bike run sessions at the start of every season – working back from last years MAF heart rate? Thanks

Heidi Sowerby - Australia

Best mental strategies whilst racing? As in what did he think about to get the best results?.

Jamie Pineda - Mexico

Sometimes without a particular reason, it’s hard to stay motivated.
And some other times when going through some hard times it’s even harder to stay motivated.
What’s your advice for overcoming this, and not setting back on your training progress.

Pawel Chalacis - New Zealand

Hey Chris . How did your food change between first Kona and first win? Not talking about the race day, but all year along? I’m asking because you wrote in your book that you’ve changed your attitude of being race ready for the whole year and thst you gained a bit of weight.

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