This article was posted by Sergio Borges but is written by Cael Sanderson.  Cael Sanderson is one of the most decorated collegiate wrestlers of all-time.  In 2004 he won Olympic Gold.

“As a coach, my job is to teach plain and simple truths to student athletes trying to reach their greatest potential. The truth is that there are no secrets or magic formula for success. Success comes from having a great attitude, refusing to be discouraged, working your rear end off, being humble and full of gratitude, discipline, determination, and taking 100% responsibility for your results.

Cael Sanderson

Cael Sanderson

So why do so many look beyond, or reject, the “plain and simple truths of success?” There are many reasons. For one, it is easier to look for answers away from ourselves and the effort we put forth, shifting blame to the coach, the referee, the weather, or other circumstances. Also, many want to do things on their own terms. They may slack in a few areas, rationalizing that they are the exception or that they can have total success with a casual commitment. Finally, it can be difficult to accept that even with a total effort and commitment, success is still not guaranteed (at least not in the form or time frame you desire).

“Complexity” is preferred to simplicity because it provides an escape or an excuse from making a total effort and total commitment.

What happens to those who “look beyond the mark?” They go around and around in circles, limiting their opportunities for progress and learning. They live without the peace of mind that comes from accepting and implementing “the plain and simple truths.”

In the sport of wrestling, there is no unstoppable technique. There is a counter to every technique and there is a counter to every counter technique. There are endless techniques, endless setups, endless counters, and endless combinations of each.

Many want to win without struggle. When things get tough, they want to blame technique or look for a “complex” solution when the simple truth is that you have to battle for what you really want. There is no technique that works consistently on a quality opponent if you lack a fighting spirit.

The higher your aspirations, the greater adversity and struggle you can expect. That’s what makes winning so darn fun. It’s up to you. You have to earn it.

Surround yourself with great people but look no further than yourself. You are the answer. There are no guarantees that success will come in the time and form that you want it to, but without exception, success will come.

See, recognize and implement the “plain and simple truths.”

Be one of the few who “don’t look beyond the mark.”

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