Team Nutrition Expert – Ben Greenfield (USA)

ben-greenfield-bodybuilderI’m extremely excited to announce in inclusion of Ben Greenfield into our team of Experts. Ben has an amazing knowledge of all things nutrition as well as Triathlon. He’s raced nearly every big race around the world including Kona multiple times. He’s an outstanding age group athelte and one of the most educated endurance nutrition experts on the planet.

You’ll find him at most races wearing either next to nothing or something pretty funky, don’t let that fool you! He’s an absolute geek when it comes to nutrition and is not only extremely well read up on everything in existence he’s also applied just about everything that’s legally possible to his own body. He’s ripped and a former body builder.

I saw Ben last weekend at Wildflower and he was in the VIP tent answering questions online from some of his own students that were racing around the world. He did the half ironman on Saturday then the Olympic distance race on Sunday all as an experiment for a science lab to see what type of effects this type of punishment can have on his blood levels.

I can’t say enough about how well educated Ben is and am super excited that our MaccaX team members are now able to tap into all this knowledge through our own private Forum.

Why All The Experts?
Macca is always going to try and answer everyone’s questions and to date has done an amazing job of this. We want to give everyone varying opinions from top minds and athletes in the sport ON TOP of what Chris has to say. What works for one person might not work for another so we feel it’s good to always give you multiple options.

Ben will join Brenton Ford our resident Swim Expert (2013 Australian Masters Swim Coach of The Year) and James Hodge our resident Bike Expert a 70.3 Champion and up and coming super start to Ironman racing, winning his first title at just 20!


Co-Founder of MaccaX and massive sports fan with a passion for triathlon and MMA. Living in Phuket Thailand studying sports marketing and content publishing.