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The sport of triathlon is intrinsically “do-it-yourself” due to being an individual sport. The athlete must take full responsibility for their entire race, from navigating the open water, repairing their own flat tires on the bike, and getting across the finish line on the run within cutoff.

But that doesn’t mean preparing for the race has to be a lone effort. 

A good coach will get you to the starting line as fit and ready as you can possibly be.

With a quarter century of experience in the sport of triathlon and a decade of coaching under his belt, Justin Granger is one of our greatest assets here at MaccaX. He has trained and raced with some of the sport’s best athletes and coaches and with his wealth of knowledge and insight has coached over 75 athletes — age-group and professional — to new personal bests.

Justin has designed many of our training plans and understands how the correct amount and combination of specific training can get an athlete in their best possible shape. Many of our Team MaccaX athletes also take the next step, taking him on as their coach to tailor their training to their unique strengths and challenges.

“We all live busy lives juggling family, work, and triathlon training. Life can become a time management nightmare as we attempt to please all,” says Justin. “A coach will make you accountable and provide you with motivation, ensuring you stay consistent throughout your race preparation phase.”


A coach will make you accountable and provide you with motivation, ensuring you stay consistent throughout your race preparation phase.

Justin guided MaccaX member Andrew Hartnett through his Kona qualification campaign last year. More recently, Andrew took on Ultraman Australia, finishing 16th of 54 with a good chance of heading to the Ultraman World Championship.

“I’ve done 15 Ironmans, yet [Justin] immediately provided me with an efficient weekly structure and gave each session so much more purpose. He removed junk miles and ensured I knew why I was doing each session,” says Andrew.

Under Justin’s tutelage, Marion Tuin went from good age group athlete (11th at 2016 Ironman 70.3 worlds) to top tier in 12 months, taking the overall win at the Tweed Coast Enduro half, an age group win and top ten placing at Challenge Melbourne, and second in her age group at The Championship at Challenge Samorin. She is currently preparing for the Ironman 70.3 world championship.

Justin also works with athletes focusing on single-sport competition, such as cycling and marathon. One of his athletes, Carmela Pearson, has recently gained her UCI professional cycling license due to her impressive 2016 and 2017 results.

Work with Justin Granger and get on the fast track to achieving your goals in the sport.

Featured photo credit: Phil Roeder via Visualhunt / CC BY

Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer with ten years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. She blogs at about endurance sport in the Philippines and beyond.