Benefits of Colostrum in Training

One of the issues that confront triathletes is ensuring the body’s resilience in the face of increasing training load. Aside from getting enough rest and recovery time between hard sessions, is there anything else an athlete can do to improve their body’s ability to bounce back?

Team MaccaX is fertile ground for crowdsourcing. Member Graham Carr decided to ask about Biestmilch, one of the more well-known colostrum supplements. He asked, “Does anybody have any views on Biestmilch and its potential benefits please? How do you use it and what are the advantages of using it in the right way?”

I love it! The green and white chewables the antioxidants keep me fit and sickness-free! I’m very sensitive to caffeine or stimulants however when I was able to take the booster it was great.

Jorge Aspiazu

I use them and am a big fan. For training, I only use them when I have to do a swim set after really long days at work. I stop using them 3-4 weeks out of a race. On race day, I take one tab 15mins before my swim start. One at the start of my run and one more at the 10km mark of my run if it is a 70.3.

Saleh Bin Talib

I’ve been using Biestmilch for about 2 years now and it’s a life changer. Between training, traveling for work, and having younger kids that bring home germs from school I’ve been able to keep my immune system in tact.

Jason Ripkey

I’ve been using it for a little over 2 years as well. The entire time I have been using it I didn’t get sick one time. At one point while training for Ultraman and doing the most mileage I have ever done, life hit the skids and I had a higher stress level than at any point in my adult life and I never got sick. The only difference in my diet form any previous year was the addition of the daily Biestmilch.

Now I take 2 of the 300mg pills per day, but in training I would take up to 6, plus the disgusting hexagon pill before long workouts. IMO tastes horrible, hard to chew, but worth it. I only used that for my real long training days and race days.

The only time I have become ill since I began taking the pills was a 2 month period when I stopped taking them.

Randy Latza

Our founder Chris “Macca” McCormack chimed in. A longtime user of the Biestmilch supplement, he only had good things to say about the product and its creator Susann Kraftner.

This is her product and life and been a huge supporter of my career when I was putting in the huge work on an aging body. Immune system is more than a sickness buffer as we all seem to view it as. It is recovery in every capacity. I always saw Biestmilch as much as a recovery necessity as my body was being belted by high training volumes as I did as a protecter for myself from sickness.

Chris McCormack

Member Phil Jarvis also recommends Neovite, an alternative colostrum product.
DISCLAIMER: The above views are anecdotal and based on our members’ experience. Please exercise due diligence and seek professional medical advice before adding supplements to your diet.
Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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