How to Blend Gym Strength Training with Triathlon Training

When is the right time to do strength training in the gym?

Team MaccaX member Ruth Brenton asks, “Does anyone do consecutive strength + run or strength + bike sessions? I’m working with a personal trainer 3x a week and am trying to figure out how to best incorporate that with sport-specific sessions.

Coach Justin Granger recommends two approaches to strength work depending on what the goal of the workout is and what kind of training session can best follow.

“For pure strength workouts where you are pushing the muscle to failure I would suggest to only do a recovery session as a second workout for the day,” he answers. “The gains you make after such an intense workout happen well after the session (within 12 to 24 hours). To ruin this process by attempting to train through this renders your strength gains useless.”

Instead, Justin suggests do your triathlon training session prior to the gym work. He adds,  “Then let the body absorb the strength gains post-workout.”

However, if you intend to do a strength-endurance gym session, you can take a different approach. “It is possible to get a solid second triathlon session done.”

Featured photo credit: Erwin.van.Leeuwen via / CC BY-NC-ND

Justin Granger
Justin Granger
Justin has been in the sport of triathlon for over 25 years (16 years as a professional) and has competed in more than 21 countries. With 50 Iron distance finishes and over double that in half’s, he has considerable experience in how to train and prepare for an event. He has trained and raced with some of the sport’s best athletes and coaches and has developed his own opinions on what are the most effective methods to follow. He has also coached his wife Belinda Granger (50 IM Races & 15 Wins) over the last 15 years and has a very strong sense of what works well for women vs. men.