Breathing Techniques – Rachel Vickery

Rachel Vickery gave a great session at the recent Australian MaccaX Camp on breathing techniques and here’s some follow up tips for you all.  Feedback has been great

Just a couple of tips to remember for your breathing. Remember there are two key things for breathing well for performance. The first is having the most efficient and optimal breathing pattern at rest…. This means using you diaphragm and breathing in and out through your nose. Do this driving to training, sitting at work, watching TV at night, doing your stretching etc. If you naturally breathe through your mouth, or into your upper chest it will take time and practice to change it but it is SOOO worth it. If you need help with this come see me in the clinic or send me a pm and I’ll send you an audio file for a breathing exercise. In person is best for you, but the voice file will get you under way!

Second, when you are running and riding the most important thing to focus on is breathing OUT! Get the air out of your chest and it will come back in so much more easily! When you swim, remember to focus on blowing bubbles under water. Don’t be the guy or girl that tries to breathe out and in during the short time your mouth is out of water! You’ll just end up dizzy, tight chested, fatigued and unnecessarily short of breath!

I’ve had some feedback from a few athletes who are already integrating this who’ve told me it’s made a huge difference to their training! It’s amazing how powerful a few small tweaks can be!

Chris Stevens It’s been working wonders…. Can’t believe how much difference it makes
Julie-Ann Dillon Massive difference for my running…HR is so much lower!