Member Training Tips

November 17, 2015

Just Do It – 10 Exercises You Can do Anywhere

No shirt or shoes required by Curtis Kloc (No weights required, either…) No long soliloquy – just get this done! Just do what the “board of
October 24, 2015

Monday Leg Day

by Curtis Kloc Are you a procrastinator? Do you know what you should be doing? But not doing it? Are you reading an article about a
October 15, 2015

Winter Goal Setting

by Curtis Kloc For those in the Northern hemisphere, the triathlon season is coming to an end. Time to think about winter, base training, nutrition, planning
September 16, 2015

The Seven Stages of Racing

A few weeks ago I had a friend and fellow triathlete come and stay with me for a solid weekend of training. While he was down
September 2, 2015

Coach Curtis Kloc – Strength Workout

Team Member Curtis Kloc shared his birthday workout with us – you can do this twice a week (without getting older!) Curtis is a certified personal