Challenge Roth – Team MaccaX Represents

Challenge Roth sells out in about 1 minute, by being a part of Team MaccaX we were lucky enough to get some slots for 24 team members this year!

They came from all over the world and descended on the small Bavarian village for the greatest event on the triathlon calendar. With so many racing it’s hard to summarize the race but I’ve done my best!

Out of the 24 registered, 21 finished, with injuries and a mechanical unfortunately resulting in a few DNFs.

It was a record breaking day with team favourite Jan Frodeno setting a smoking time of 7.35 and the top three all going under 8 hours.

So how did the team go? Let’s start with the fastest and work through!

Ian Farrell – 9.19

Ian Farrell finish

Kenneth Heney – 9.49

“Spent the entire time swimming wishing I was finished and on the bike. Every second of the bike I was desperate to get off and start running. And all the time I was running I wanted it to be all over. It was painful and totally unenjoyable. I thought this morning that I needed some time to step back and figure out how to and regain some of the pleasure I used to get out of this sport. But then I smiled when I thought about how amazing solar hill was. And I remembered a moment running though the forests of Roth with the fresh smell of pine. Breathing during the swim seeing a stadium of people cheering you on from the banks. And that finish line…Roth is spectacular! Ironman distance is nonsensical if you think about it and why we put ourselves though all that and the many many months of training before hand. 70.3 is my distance without a doubt, but I am not done with full distance yet…I just need to recharge my seriously depleted mental strength…that was a tough one. To all those who continue to support me and have sent me personal messages…fantastic guys…thank you. Make mine a large German sausage and a stein of your most potent bier…9h49:37”

John Rueth – 10.52

“I finished in 10.52.30 after a long day and beat my personal best by one hour! Although I have lost my time chip in T1 (which took about 5 mins to replace), got my balls smashed during the swim, had some issues with my bike computer and my watch, the race was great. I forgot how long and gruelling a marathon could be and fought hard the last 15kms.”

Evelyn ‘Cheeks’ Salama (and Mr Cheeks Jason) – 10.54 and 14.20

evelyn cover girl


What can we say about the smokin’ fast Evelyn who made it a Griswold family vacation. It’s guaranteed fun if she is around, even the German Triathlon Magazine thought so and put her on the front page. Challenge is a family event and as such finishing with your kids is a part of it. Jason got to do that, and also some running with team mate Sean Green.


Volker Stahl – 11.18

Andrew Oglanby – 11.19

Thanks for all messages of support. Finishing time 11:19 after the Lakesman I knew the run was going to hurt & hurt it did. It’s been a great meeting up with the MaccaX team again unfortunately we had a few mechanicals and injuries but we all done ourselves proud. Now to buy some finisher kit and drink lots of local beer.

Dan Foss – 11.48

Dan had a big night out with Macca and co but still finished strong!
“My wife and me would just like to say congratulation to everyone that take a spot at the starting line on Sunday at ROTH. Also a huge thanks to everyone we met this past weekend. It was an awesome time. Also thanks to Chris McCormack and the team for giving me a spot at this awesome race. Everybody is always welcome to come to Minnesota. At Zugspitze mountain in enjoying a beer. Yes MG its wheat beer”

Lisa McCartney – 11.48 and Curtis Kloc 12.47

LISA BIKEOut of the (guessing slightly) 4000 cyclists at Roth, I won this bike for having the most consistent bike split of the day! There was only a 2 second difference between loop 1 and 2 for me. (I stopped at the potty in loop 1 so I was actually faster in my second loop.)

Wow, I’m excited! Thank you so much to my coach, Sergio Borges, who gave me awesome bike advice pre-race and who prepped me well for a great race. I was prepared for a better time because I worked my ass off (literally…I lost 20 pounds training,) but it wasn’t in the cards for me yesterday. While I missed my Ironman PR by 5 minutes, I am thrilled that I’m 5 years older, have a busted up spine from my car accident in 2014, and this course had 5000 feet of climbing versus only about 200 feet in Florida. So, I am very grateful for my 11 hour, 48 minute time and what I accomplished.

Finally, I want to give a huge thanks to Aaron and Macca for getting us into this race. I can never fully express what this journey has meant for me. I had a lot of healing that needed to happen mentally and physically after my accident. Training for this race gave me that purpose and made me believe in myself again. I’m eternally grateful for the extra effort and for making it happen.

Daniel Halter – 11.59


Vicky Arscott – 12.20

“I had 7 weeks to jump from 70.3 distance to a full Ironman and I entrusted Chris Hanrahan with my race prep. Needless to say I had one of the most successful lead ups to this race I’ve ever experienced, injury free, breaking PB’s in training across all disciplines; swimming, biking and running longer and faster than I ever have. I went from thinking an easy pace for my long runs was 6 mins/km, to 5 mins/km to pushing 4:45 with an incline. I was knocking 20 seconds per 100m off my time on the swim and upped my pace on the bike by 2kmph. But when it comes to race day, you can’t control everything. My major concern going in to this race was a mechanical, because that’s what ruined my race last year. Lucky for me I neither had a flat tyre, nor any crashes on the bike, but an incident on the swim had a decidedly unfavourable impact on my health throughout the race and resulted in an ambulance ride from the finish line to the hospital where they treated me for a form of pneumonia.
I suspect had I not have been as prepared physically for that race as I was, I never would have got round in the time I did. I’m disappointed I couldn’t execute the race as I had planned, but the sheer energy, enthusiasm and support from the crowd makes me really proud and grateful to have participated in it and have the memories to look back on. Thanks to Kenneth Heney & Lynette Warn for doing a grand job in looking after me and helping me escape the hospital in time to see the fireworks.”




Steve Emanuels – 12.21




Julia Fermayer – 12.49

Thanks to Julia for taking care of the team and getting where they needed to be on time and in one piece!

Susan and Rick DeKeyser – 13.06, 12.39
Deirdre Robbins – 14.44
susan and deirdre publicity

These guys travelled over together, with Susan and Deirdre featured in the press before they left the States for their fundraising efforts.





Some great shots – Susan’s run finish, Deirdre a beast on the bike and finishing with her daughters.
SUSAN FINISH Deirdre bike Deirdre and her girls

Reynold Lewke 13.54

Reynold and Macca
Team legend Adrian O’Brien finished in 13.19 – a cracked helmet nearly stopped him getting to the start line and his run of bad luck wasn’t over with his luggage arriving home a few days after he did!

Adrian and Macca“Well it’s been an amazing and emotional weekend. Meeting so many amazing people. The Chris McCormack & MG show on Friday night. Still has me laughing now. Those two could rip the piss out of each other all day long. Sharing a room with Kurt Taylor and he was gentle with me. Evelyn Herrmann Salama thanks for the Vaseline. Getting to relax with so many members from MaccaX. That’s my highlight of the weekend. Getting and giving shout outs on the bike and run course. Having a walk with Patrick Ernst on the canal path. That just blew my mind. Kurt taking my photo with Macca on the run. Watching Sean Green stride towards me. Julia Lisa McCartney and Curtis Kloc gliding towards the finish. Also massive thanks to Mathias Amon & Stephanie Dirr without your help and local knowledge we would have been stuck. Julia for finding the lake for Saturday’s swim. I’m still amazed Patrick raced and even more shocked Jason got of his sick bed and raced. Maybe Cheeks made him race! So many people to thank for this weekend. Everyone looked after me as I arrived late. Sean, Kurt for the rides to and from Roth. Bo for arranging race morning transport. I didn’t have the race I had planned but I’m sat here with a big smile on face. As usual. With my 1st race anywhere……… I always have unfinished business. Last word of thanks has to go to my long suffering wife Kirsten O’brien & kids. The non-existent dad days while I biked or ran. The early morning swims. Without the support of family and friends who would offer to train at short notice Colin Robertson Mark Everard Mark Bailey Rory Tompsett &Jeff Nagle. Also Nick Rose for answering my stupid questions. Caroline Steffen for the skype. Next time will have to be longer. All giving up time to assist.”

Sean Green – 14.39

sean finish

Edward Haigh – 14.45

EDWARD HAIGH FINISH“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that supported and followed my journey for challenge Roth. The  swim was the most chilled out part of the day for me.
The bike was going well till 2 separate occasions where people knocked me off my bike causing damage to the rear wheel due to the force of the impact.
The run was hot and hard work but thanks to the MaccaX crew and my hardcore support crew they got me round!!
If anyone thinks about doing this distance event choose challenge Roth as the place, the people and the atmosphere was amazing all weekend!!”


And a final shout out to Allan Rosen, Bo Larsen (both had injuries) and Kurt Taylor whose mechanical just didn’t get right on the day. Here’s Kurt’s story:

“10 months ago when my Road to Roth began I never imagined my race would be cut short standing on the side of the road for 2 hours with a broken chain. Gutted is not a strong enough word. Watching in the stadium last night as the 14 hour finisher came in (this is where I was gonna finish) was tough, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. That finish makes Kona look like a local 5k, heck the whole event does. Then I look up to the big screen and Jan Frodeno, Daniela Ryf, Chrissie Wellington and our own Belinda Granger are there passing out the finishers medals. 

After getting my bike fixed I got to do 1 loop and experience Solar Hill so at least I got that. This course is tough. The swim while fast was pretty chilly and there always seemed to be a head wind on the bike no matter which way you turned. Everyone said the run was brutal but the people on the course are amazing and the energy is off the charts. This is a race that has to be checked off the bucket list. It was awesome to be able to get out on the course and cheer on the team and see them run into the stadium.”

And some words to the support crew…

“A MASSIVE thanks to Mathias Amon for what seemed like constant attention to anyone’s needs or issues, it can not be overstated how amazing he was and how well he took care of us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! As always great to catch up with Belinda and Macca for some great laughs and good stories. But as always it’s the people that make up this team that rock.”

This box remains unchecked. See you in 365 day Challenge Roth

Some more shots of the crew having some fun!


Cheeks and MG

Evelyn and MG

mathias and daniela

Mathias and Daniela


Post race fun

the Crew with Belinda

The crew with Belinda

support crew!

Support crew!