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Challenge Wanaka is a tough, rough and challenging course

I've designed sessions speciffically to handle this tough terrain.

About the plan

A 12-week training plan designed specifically for Challenge Wanaka Full Distance. This plan provides sufficient Strength Endurance training which is essential for the amazing tough Wanaka bike course and spectacular, part off road, marathon course.

You can’t underestimate this course as Chris McCormack did in 2012. This plan has a sufficient amount of foundation and strength work put in so you can remain strong throughout the day.

Please enjoy many of the training sessions in full HD done by Chris McCormack walking you through every aspect of the session you need to know. 

Following the full 12 weeks, a 2-week taper is recommended to take you into race day.

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Ambassadors Gift...

Challenge Ambassadors Belinda Granger & Chris McCormack

As the official online training partner of Challenge family we wanted to make sure this partnership adds real value and we can give you for free the type of support and coaching that others are paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for.

Follow the plan using your smart phone or tablet, get timely messages from Chris and Belinda as you go through the plan. Get motivational messages on Mondays, and know what to do at 12 weeks, 8 weeks, and other key points during your training. You'll be blown away by the amount of detail and engagement we've put into each plan. All you've got to do is follow the plan and "do the work".

Plan written by: Chris McCormack & Belinda Granger

  • Upgrade Option - $29 Mth

    At any stage, you can upgrade to take advantage of additional perks offered by Team MaccaX. Use the forum available for you 24/7 to get your specific questions answered around the plan. Mingle with Macca and crew on the private Facebook wall where you can have a ton of fun, daily motivational messages, positive global community of great people you can learn and play with. Get an UA race visor, wear the team kit, come to our training camps around the world. Get VIP access to Thanyapura in Phuket Thailand with Coach Sergio Borges, Macca & Azza. Tap into all our coaches on the platform...

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  • Combined Experience

    • 60 + Years Pro Racing
    • 500 + Podiums.
    • 4 x World Championships
    • 30 x Hawaii Starts
    • Over 30 Countries Raced
    • 110% PASSIONATE

    Race Specifics

    DateFeb 18th, 2017
    Climb RatingHilly
    AltitudeSea Level
    Average Humidity71.5
    Bike Elevation1777