by Kelli Montgomery

Coach Kelli’s Favorite Xterra Mountain Bike Fartlek Workout

This is a fun simple workout to get a variety of intervals in and use the trail to dictate the length of the intervals. With the workout being less structured you can keep it fun and mix it up. You can get in short power building bursts and also do race pace intervals if you choose.

It’s easier to use a trail that you are familiar with so you can anticipate where you might want to do some intervals whether it’s hitting a short power climb hard or trying to go fast through a trickier part of a trail for race pace interval. I like to use 30-60 sec all out/very hard intervals if I am more focused on a power workout for the day with full recovery of easy spinning before the next one. I’ll also do some short 30-60 sec intervals earlier in the workout and then do some 60sec to 3 min intervals later in the workout with 1 min to 2min easy spin between if I want to cover all the bases of short hard efforts and race pace like you experience in racing Xterra or mountain biking.

Make sure to warm up well 20-30 min and easy spin cool down 10 min at the end. Total workout time 75-90 min.

Remember have fun with this workout by enjoying less structure but still challenging yourself with the efforts and the skills!