by Sergio Borges

“Superman Syndrome” – Serious disease that affect athletes when they are fit, very common in professional level and it’s VERY contagious !

When athletes are infected, they start feeling indestructible, nothing can hurt or destroy them, making them cut corners on recovery, massage/stretching, nutrition and even hydration.

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But most importantly and super dangerous, is the uncontrollable urge to go hard on long endurance training, often seeing on 5 to 6 hour bike rides, 2 to 3 hour runs and 5 to 6k swim sets.

Note that this disease was never reported in unfit athletes.

Ok now that I’ve got your attention and you have stopped laughing, it’s time to think about this VERY important mistake athletes often do!
By going too hard on your endurance days, you will be trashing your recovery and hormones, increasing the chances of overtraining and/or feeling flat and tired on race day.

I recommend to my athletes, especially the professionals, to control the urge and the closer they get to their main event, the EASIER their long endurance training should be. This is even more important for the athletes that do a lot of other quality/specific workouts. Longer hard sessions will destroy your fitness, trash your hormones, exhausting you for the race…..

Be smart, listen to your coach and achieve excellence !