Training for Duathlon with a Triathlon Plan?

Team MaccaX member Hakimi Yusuf asks: Planning to race the Powerman Duathlon 10k run – 60k bike – 10k run in March. In order to train for it, would it be good enough to follow a half iron distance training plan, and reduce the swim for recovery sessions only, or change it to runs… Or should I be better off looking for a duathlon-specific training plan?

To swim, or not to swim while training for a duathlon?

Team MaccaX members and coaches pitched in with suggestions.

Craig Willows-Keetley has specialized in racing duathlons as an age-grouper. He said:

Use the swims as cross training/recovery for the legs. You are still building the motor in the swim just using different muscle groups.

MaccaX coach Justin Granger agreed, saying:

No need to modify run volume from the half distance plan. Either ditch the swims or use them as recovery and injury prevention. 

Swimming is good base aerobic fitness that will boost your fitness and being non-weight bearing will keep your chance of injury down. So I would keep a couple of swim sessions. The others – switch one out for an extra run and the other an extra bike.

MaccaX offers a wide range of triathlon training plans to suit your fitness and goals. You may also inquire with our coaches for customized plans.


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Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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