8 weeks to Full Distance 140.6 Triathlon

So now we’re at eight weeks out before our big challenge, you know, whether you are doing the full distance or the half distance.

This is the crucial time of your training block. For a lot of people, if you’ve overcooked it in the four weeks before, you’ll start to feel like you’re coming into some big fitness. And you got to make sure you don’t rush this period of time.

It’s when you start to do your race simulation stuff—it’s when you really need to start looking at hitting those distances within training. Your body should be getting used to the workloads by now.

The strength you’ve laid over the four weeks prior is key, but really starting now to focus on race specific stuff. We have a great session that was brought on by Ironman champion Nils Frommhold, which is race-specific stuff, and as he will tell you in our videos, this is when he starts to implement his whether it’s race specific in run or riding, it’s very, very key. Recovery is very, very important.

These blocks of work—you’ve been at it for a very, very long time now.

Eight weeks—we still have a long way until race day. It is the crucial four weeks coming up, and you can overcook it, and what I mean by overcooking is you’ve done a lot of work already. You’re starting to feel very, very fit. You’re starting to feel very, very strong, and you tend to have this urgency to push a little hard. Take away that urgency, focus on recovery—specifically by hitting higher power numbers, higher speeds in training for a longer period of time.

This is the key four weeks of your work. Enjoy it. Swimming—3.8K in the swim—riding 180K on the bike—running at least runs of up to 2 to 2.5 hours in training could do you some real benefits for this time in the training block.

Here’s the session from Nils Frommhold. For dozens more like this + plans please visit www.MaccaX.com for on-line triathlon plans and coaching.