Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – Mark McGuinness

“A Cork man once said ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ (Roy Keane for those of you not lucky enough to be Irish!!). Wise words for this morning’s Sydney Marathon.

“I’ve done the Sydney Marathon enough times (6th or 7th time today) to know a handful of 10km runs since IM Oz back in May was always going to lead to the wheels coming off at some point!!! The 32km point was where it happened!!!! Last 10km were painful and sooo slow. 4:39hr was the final time. Not my slowest time for a standalone marathon which at one point was on the cards!!!! But some way from my best of 3:16 although to be fair I doubt I’ll get to that level again.

“Can’t wait to get back to triathlon training from next weekend. Looking forward to getting back on the bike and in the water. Big races coming up in October and November with Challenge Forster being the big one.”