Dear athletes,

We love our sport, we want to keep improving but then we hear from someone : “Well, I could run well but I’m getting older so I can’t be fast anymore…”

You have probably noticed (if you follow results of age group athletes as they age) that you can still see some great swim and bike times but most athletes do get slower on the run.

My question is : Is really the age to blame the most?”

Of course we all know that as we age we produce less testosterone, bones and joints deteriorate, etc and there’s not much we can do about it but what I find in ALL athletes when they age is the loss of muscle mobility and elasticity, joint integrity and strength. All that happened mostly due to OUR fault of not doing proper work.

All athletes want to do is to log miles and miles on their training, hoping they can transform their “aerobic engine” to be like Superman !

People !!!! Stop focusing on marginal gains (yes how much can you improve aerobically if you have been doing a lot already ??? Not more than 1 to 2%!!) and focus where you can get 10,15 or even 20% improvement ! And no I’m not talking about doping here !!!!

What I’m talking here is to focus on addressing the problems I mentioned above!

Check out Triathlon training plans from Sergio here.

As you age you HAVE to focus MOST of your training on strength and add consistent mobility work through exercises, myofascial release, stretching , etc. Then you do training that develop or sharpen your skills and speed!

Here, on this video I have a simple example of how you can achieve most of the foundation need it :

* Mobility
* Joint integrity
* Strength
* Stretching
* Power / Speed

I have my athletes do hill repeats where they start with lunges (promotes stretching under strength, mobility and joint integrity) then the do accelerations to tip of the hill (promotes power/speed, proper technique as you are forced to work on leg extension and glut activation and and of course metal strength)

We do this (I mean variation that incorporates, hills, strength and speed) EVERY Wednesday, all year round !

Try that for 6 weeks then you tell me how your run feels ! I can guarantee you will improve only by the gain in mobility alone !!!

Have a great week and don’t let the “Age thing” scare or beat you.