How to Use a Pull Buoy

How Do I Use a Pull Buoy?

Team MaccaX member Georgia Stansell asks:

  1. When using a pull buoy, where is the best placement? I know it doesn’t go near the knees. Mid-point along leg in thigh area? Higher?
  2. I use the pull buoy as instructed in the MaccaX training plan workouts. When doing a swim endurance session, how much should I be kicking? No kicking?

Where should I put the pull buoy? Should I still kick within a workout?

Team MaccaX swim coach Brenton Ford answers:

  1. Most people place it up high because it gives you the most buoyancy there. I also like to put it there because it forces you to use your core and glutes to keep it in. The Eney buoy is best for this because of the narrow centre bit and amount of buoyancy you get (
  2. Not much kicking is needed but I do like to do at least some kicking within a session to practice keeping a narrow kick. Is good run/bike recovery too. Either warm up or cool down is fine. Can be as simple as 4×25 kick. Preferably on your front or back without a board.

(Photo credit: Scott Thieman via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND)

Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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