Team MaccaX was out in force at IM Busselton at the weekend.  With many pros not finishing it was clear it wasn’t going to be an easy day.

Daniel Hopper medalShane Bamford
“Absolute hell day for me on course at Busso. Things were going along nicely till 114 on the bike. Then the world imploded. Toughed it out and had my two boys waiting for high 5’s at the finish chute. Worth all the pain I’m in right now. A long day. 16:03. It’s a PB but was hoping for much better.”

Daniel Hopper – first IM finished

“Ironman WA is done and dusted. Firstly a 1:12 swim??? How the hell did I manage that? Secondly my overall race time may not have been what I was hoping for but for the first time I don’t care about it. The thing I care about is that I played the cards I got dealt the best that I could have, something that I have never really done before. Not once out on course did not finishing cross my mind.”

Fernando swimFernando Munoz Bernal – on debut coached by Ben Hammond
“My first ironman is in the bag.
16:15 is not what expected but after toughing up some strong wind and getting off the bike at 6:54 my legs were done. Bad cramps and blisters forced me to walk after only a few kms.
I lost battery on my GARMIN so was doing the run blind.
At the 32k marker I asked what time it was and realized walking was not gonna cut it so I literally EMBRACED THE SUCK and ran about 6km which ensured I’d have sufficient time to walk to the finish line.
The time markers stopped working at some point and neither nor ironman mobile kept track of my time past 27km.
Fernando recovery
Loved the swim and followed Chris McCormack advice to start at the front and to the side so as to let better swimmers avoid me.
Had a great swim coming in at 1:13 which is PB (if you divide by two which is the distanced I’d swam before).
Overall, lessons learned.
Gotta work much more on my biking power and bricks.
A big thanks to Ben Ben Hammond for the coaching and particularly the swim training.
And to those who were following me, thanks for your support.”

Triman Jack – Third IM this year!
“Kaboom. I absolutely exploaded on the run. I set my race up well for a Sub 10 but was just not fit enough today. I got exactly what I deserved today.  After 3 ironmans this year I need a good rest. I’m going to get a beer now. Thanks for everyone’s support”

Aaron Hewitt
“Not the day I hoped for but the day I deserved. Very humbling day.”

Other team members who finished the race were Julie-Ann Dillon who came tenth in her age group, Terry Martin and Roy Wallace.