Jim Martin – IM 70.3 Florida Race Report

Post-Race IM 70.3 Florida Race Report:

Just as last year, Haines City put together a great venue and support.

The water temperature was 81F … so no wetsuit. Other than a little seaweed at the beginning and end of the lake, it was pretty typical. Of course being a slower swimmer, I was concerned but knew I could do it. I couldn’t find my swim skin in my transition bag (black suit & black bag in the dark)…so I swam in my Tri shorts and top. My top filled w/ water and flapped around and chaffed me from my under arm going backwards. Anyone that’s seen me swim knows that I’m anything but fast…but getting more proficient. I finished in 52-minutes (official time) … which is 1 minute faster than last year (when it was in a wetsuit! LOL 

After a 3-minute transition, I was out on the bike course! There are plenty of turns on the course that requires you to slow down to navigate them among the other cyclists. I dropped a bottle and decided to stop, set my bike down and retrieve it (I had 3 bottles of Infinite nutrition and 1 bottle of water). Aside from that, it was a great ride…I stayed w/ my pre-race pacing plan and had a slight negative split (20.3 mph / 20.6 mph). Total time = 2:45 (I had 2:38 based on my bike computer…but oh well).

Jim runRun-shuffIe-walk
I felt great getting off the bike, had another 3-minute & change transition, I was off on to the run course. The course is a 3-loop course. About 3.5 miles into the first loop, I had to stop and walk. I couldn’t cool down … even w/ ice in “all the right places.” The second loop was best summed-up as “Melting!”
I told my wife when I ran past that “I’m melting!” She said “no worries, just walk…the metal will look the same when you finish.”
I walked about 80% of the run and had a 2:38 official run time … my slowest ever BY FAR!
I’ve never walked more…even in two 140.6s I didn’t walk as much.
My overall finish time was 6:24…not happy w/ it but hey, I finished when a few times I actually thought about calling it a day!

The heat & humidity was too much for me! I trained really well and went into the race thinking I’d do far better (at least an hour better) but had to succumb to the heat on the run due to bad cramping!

I did manage to meet a pretty cool person (Jorge from Costa Rica) while walking the 3rd lap). He said that Costa Rica was hot and he trained really well…but he couldn’t take the heat either & was surprised at the heat & humidity in Florida in April. Of course that made me feel a little better … plus there were A LOT of athletes walking as well.

I still trying to figure out the whole sweating in the heat & humidity problem – stay tuned.