MACCA Takes Coaching Role with Xena

Australian Triathlete Magazine broke the news early in February that Caroline Steffen has asked Macca to coach her in her bid to finally crack Kona. This can only be a good thing: Macca believes she should already have won more than one Kona, and the mental strength he can draw out of her coupled with her incredible physical talent will help make that happen.

We already know how good a mentor Macca is: post a question on our website forum and he answers it in great detail to the best of his knowledge, and he always encourages us to ask questions, get solutions, and find the systems that work for us.

MaccaX Plus is a great way of exploring what works through the concept of a training “skeleton” into which you plug in sessions, trying to find the right blend. Check out how our MXVIPs have tailored MaccaX Plus to their needs:

We may not all be professional athletes, but we can certainly be our own CEO when it comes to training and racing!

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