MaccaX Camps Report: Atlantic City, UK, and Challenge Roth!

Atlantic City Camp

With a little over 30 of our MXVIP’s all together last week, they were bound to rock Atlantic City. As what seems to be the standard at all MaccaX camps so far, they trained hard, raced hard, and partied even harder with the Boss Macca right there with them.

accamp-scenesAs Macca himself put it, “Atlantic City seems to be built for partying and gambling, not so much for what we do, but we’ve made the best out of it.” It wasn’t just the formal swim, bike, and run that made the camp, but everything else that happened around those sessions.

One of our newest MXVIP’s Khiro Sanchez signed up for MaccaX thinking the camp would be a great way to kickstart his membership. Although he wasn’t able to stay until the weekend, Khiro got a lot out of his camp experience. He says, “I learned a lot about pushing myself and my potential being so much more than I thought it was at 42. I also confirmed what I believed about Macca professionally… not only is he one of the best strategists in this sport, but also true in his intentions to make MaccaX about the members, inspiring us, and helping us through our own journeys.”

Two-time camp attendee Kurt Taylor writes: “I think the best part of these camps is the after parts where you just sit and chat (drink) with the team and make some awesome new friends… If you can get to a camp, even if you can’t travel with your bike, or just for a day or two make the effort, you won’t be disappointed.”Randy Latza AC Camp Ambassador

We want to recognize the hard work put in by camp ambassador Randy Latza, not just for organizing things leading into the week, but also his hands-on approach during the camp itself.

He had his hands full keeping track of all our participants, making arrangements on the fly, and wrangling Macca (which is a job in itself!). He even opted to sit out all the sessions and instead play SAG driver. He did it all with a great sense of humor and without asking for anything in return. Randy, we owe you a drink (or ten)!

UK Camp

Macca had a rare week without any press, race, or work commitments, so our UK Camp participants had his undivided time and attention over the three days. This made for an extremely fun yet informative three days over which they all bonded and came up with hashtags #youloveit #ondarivetttttt and an inside joke #waitrose. But what happens in camp stays in camp, so we will just have to settle for pictures, and it seems they had a helluva good time…

ukcamp-scenesMany thanks also to our team running expert James Dunne for making it out there to give our camp participants lessons in proper running form.

The camp was co-managed by the two local ambassadors Craig Beattie and Kevin O’Rourke, who created the perfect balance between working hard and playing hard and keeping everyone abreast of all that was happening so no one missed out.

But even busy camp ambassadors can take away plenty. Kevin said of the UK Camp:

“The camp is a must do for any members for a variety of reasons. You get to meet and chat with Chris about any subject and nothing is off limits. The stories this guy has and the insights gained are amazing. The media portray one side of Chris but the reality is very different. I’ve met countless celebs in my life but none so polite and nice to every single person from athletes to receptionists.
You gain vital advice on your training methods and techniques and can see where others are different and learn from them at the same time.

“The friendships and camaraderie that has quickly been forged was great to see. I can see how this group we have can really become a global force. The fun factor and laughter was evident over the 3 days. Even when things got tough we still had a laugh especially when Chris reminds us that ‘you love it!’

“It has made me realise that I have been playing at being a triathlete for many years. Comfortable training doesn’t cut it. Clever training that is tough with proper recovery is the way.

“So book onto the next camp, you won’t regret it.”

Specialized also sent a video team to document the camp and the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. Check out the action!

Challenge Roth Social Camp

Milhouse finishing at Challenge RothWith Macca busy with Challenge commitments for most of race week and with most of the camp attendees focused on what was their A race, not much training happened at the Roth social camp. Instead, new friendships were forged, old ones strengthened, and everyone had a chance to meet Milhouse.

If you’re new to MXVIP, you may not have heard the story of Marz “Milhouse” van Houten. Early last year he was diagnosed with a form of leukemia, so the team rallied and sold “Embrace the Suck” shirts to raise funds for his treatment and to fulfill his lifelong wish: to run across the finish line at Challenge Roth.

So a relay team was born, with Milhouse in the anchor position running the marathon. Macca did the swim and former cycling pro-turned-triathlete and Caroline Steffen’s training partner Casey Munro did the bike. During Macca’s Breakfast with Bob segment, Milhouse got invited to go on camera to tell the story of how he got to Roth. Watch here.

For the last 2 kilometers, Macca rejoined Milhouse on the course, who had by then gathered a retinue of other MXVIP members doing the individual event. They all brought Milhouse across the finish line to a huge welcome to the Challenge Family.

We can’t say much more because our eyes are sweating. Here’s the finish from Macca’s point-of-view:

Macca also recorded a podcast episode with new co-host Jurgen Zack in front of the camp participants, who served as a live audience. In it they covered Challenge Roth history, picks for the men and women, Kona picks, and more. We’re going to miss MG who’s off in Bahrain training the royal family and their Olympic team, but Macca and Jurgen play off each other really well. Download the podcast here or get it on iTunes.

You might notice they got a special surprise guest in the middle of the podcast. Roth campgoers got to meet Caroline Steffen and of course during the race she received the massive support that we always give not just to the pros, but to each of our members.

Roth Social Camp
Stuart Gray summed up Roth Camp in these words: “Had a great time meet[ing] some great people for the 1st time and some friends from a previous time 🙂 and to me that’s what this group is all about meeting people, making friends, sharing tips and experiences and having a laugh.”

The last of the MaccaX camps for 2014 will be in Phuket in November. Limited slots are left. Don’t miss out!


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