MaccaX welcomes acclaimed physiotherapist Brad Beer

6 April 2017 – MaccaX is pleased to welcome physiotherapist Brad Beer to its team of experts, strengthening MaccaX member athletes’ access to the necessary tools and expertise to achieve their goals in the sport of triathlon.

MaccaX founded by former professional athlete Chris “Macca” McCormack has over 900 members worldwide at every level from beginner to pro, making it the largest online triathlon coaching platform.

Physiotherapy is one of the pieces of an athlete’s wellness puzzle that determines ability to perform at one’s peak not just through injury rehabilitation and prevention, but also towards improving performance. “Many of the same factors that need addressing in the injury rehabilitation process are also complementary to improved performance,” says Beer, who founded the multiple award-winning POGO Physio physiotherapy and Pilates practice on the Gold Coast, Australia.

“The performance-enhancing side of physiotherapy is one of the chief reasons why the best sporting teams and increasingly individuals in the world have their own designated physio support. Through comprehensive rehabilitation the athlete often comes out the other side stronger and with a body that is more injury resilient.”

On the MaccaX online platform, Beer will guide athletes when it comes to injury prevention and recovery as the exclusive and recommended physio expert. He says, “I grew up in the 1990’s competing in triathlon as a junior for 10 years. I grew up wanting to have careers like the leading pros of the time: Macca and Brad Beven. Beyond Macca’s professional career I respect the contribution that Macca has made back to the sport through the MaccaX community. I’m very much looking forward to offering a hand to the community.”


About Brad Beer

Brad Beer is a physiotherapist, Amazon best-selling author, host of The Physical Performance Show podcast and the founder of POGO Physio. He specializes in helping active people perform at their physical best by keeping them pain- and injury-free.

He graduated from the Gold Coast’s Griffith University in 2005 with a double degree in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. Throughout his career he has delivered in excess of 25,000 physiotherapy consultations and has helped athletes experience some remarkable physical achievements, including Olympic and national team selection, Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals, world championships, multiple Surf Ironman titles, and world records.


About MaccaX

MaccaX is a global online platform for triathlon training advice and support, whose mission is to elevate triathletes of all abilities to train and race at their fullest potential. MaccaX provides the tools and expertise necessary to realize each individual’s goal via access to top experts in the sport. For more information, log on to

Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
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