Marching On (Newsletter 2014 #2)

We hope this latest email finds you well. It’s only been a month since our last newsletter, but with so many on our global team training and racing there is no shortage of team news.

This month we highlight thrills and spills, meetups and hookups (!!! not that kind)… and we finally roll out our member camps.

MaccaX Meetups

Hofheim MaccaX meetupBuilding friendships and a support network with like-minded athletes is part of why MaccaX was started. Whether it’s coming together for a race, setting up local mini-camps, or just crosstraining — this is YOUR global team and community.

Here’s Steffi Dirr’s photo of a MaccaX meetup at the Staufenbike MTB event in Hofheim, Germany with MX members Patrick Ernst, Heiko Baumgartner, and Michael Rexroth.

Miami MaccaX meetupThe Miami gang of Kurt Taylor, Evelyn Herrmann Salama, Rick Tierney, and Curtis Kloc also got together for a ride. (That must have been a fast one!)

We’re thinking of running a competition for these meetups. What do you think? Do you get together with your local MX members? Tell us what you think by emailing or form your own tribe on the website at

Pedro Paixao Completes Ultraman Florida

After finishing December’s Ironman Cozumel, MX member Pedro Paixao set his sights on Ultraman Florida. Only 40 athletes are allowed entry into this 3-day, 320 mile (514.5 kilometer) ultra- endurance Event where you swim 6.2 miles, bike 261.4 miles, and run 52.4 miles.

kathyblacksupportspedropaixaoultramanHe was not alone: fellow MX member Kathy Black crewed for him and kept the team updated on his progress. Pedro finished in 12th overall and is the first MX member to complete an Ultraman! Congratulations to him, and kudos also to Kathy for her support.

Here’s what Pedro had to say about his achievement: “Last day was brutal, but the blistering heat actually helped me as people started having real problems in the midday sun…

“All in all I am so very happy with the whole experience. All that we often hear, or complain about, the WTC commercial interests is still non-existent in the Ultraman organization. At the end they did not say ‘Pedro you are an Ultraman’. All they said was ‘welcome to the family’ and that’s what it felt like. Amazing.”

MACCA Takes Coaching Role with Xena

Xena and Macca team up for battleAustralian Triathlete Magazine broke the news early in February that Caroline Steffen has asked Macca to coach her in her bid to finally crack Kona. This can only be a good thing: Macca believes she should already have won more than one Kona, and the mental strength he can draw out of her coupled with her incredible physical talent will help make that happen.

We already know how good a mentor Macca is: post a question on our website forum and he answers it in great detail to the best of his knowledge, and he always encourages us to ask questions, get solutions, and find the systems that work for us.

MXPlus is a great way of exploring what works through the concept of a training “skeleton” into which you plug in sessions, trying to find the right blend. Check out how our MX members have tailored MXPlus to their needs:

We may not all be professional athletes, but we can certainly be our own CEO when it comes to training and racing!

“One time, in MaccaX Camp…”

Wouldn’t you like to start a story with that line? The 2014 Camps are rolling out, and we finally have the Barcelona and Atlantic City camps ready for you. Head over to our Camps Page and sign up now. You won’t want to miss it and will regret it if you do!

Here’s a peek at what went down at the 2013 camps

Wear Your Helmet!

Some of our team members have had pretty close calls on the bike the past few weeks. Glad they are OK, especially after seeing the damage absorbed by their helmets. Please don’t take any chances. If you end up kissing the pavement due to a collision or an equipment failure, wearing your helmet can save your life. Ride safe!

MACCA in the News

updates from around the web

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I was curious to learn how the world champion triathlete is adjusting to life in Phuket, Thailand where he recently relocated for a new full-time role as the Executive Chairman of Thanyapura, the island’s world-class training and wellness megaplex.

Caroline Steffen Enlists Chris McCormack as Coach
However, after some much needed ‘R and R’ Steffen’s reflections lead her towards approaching one of the legends of the sport, Chris McCormack, to help in her bid to take the Ironman World Championships title.

Cheers, and catch you on the next update!

Team MaccaX
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Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer with ten years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. She blogs at about endurance sport in the Philippines and beyond.