Melbourne – delivered a Challenge

I arrived at the race at 5am, dark, cold, windy and raining.  The rain was coming from offshore horizontally, I envied the athletes in their wetsuits!  The water looked angry, a 2m swell was going to be tough.  The option was given of not doing the swim but starting when your wave finished their swim.  I was so proud that all of our team members battled through!

Fernando run

Fernando Munoz Bernal




Below are some brief race reports.  It was a miserable day for athletes, spectators and media but everyone was smiling.  Great event and kudos to Challenge for keeping everyone safe.

More race reports to follow but here’s some feedback so far!



Craig Toh from Singapore:

“It’s been one tough day. The swim was horrible, strong winds made for white caps that threw everyone around, swam towards the wrong buoys and everyone was everywhere, swallowed some water too and I actually heard people throwing up in the water. Heard some people got pulled out of the swim.

It was raining throughout the whole bike, headwind and crosswind, you name it, Melbourne’s got it. Just when you get dry on the bike it’ll pour again. Think Luke Bell had to pull out on the bike because it was too cold. I couldn’t feel my hands and pretty much had to put the whole snicker bar with the wrapper into my mouth and chew it out. Made the mistake of not drinking enough on the bike which I would pay for on the run.
Craig TohEverything was wet in T1, wringed out my socks and put on my wet shoes and visor and got out of T1.
My legs were really tight and I was cramping real bad, and I had no feeling in both my feet. Had to sit down and massage my feet a few times to get some kind of sensation back again, which would disappear after a km. And of course it was raining and windy and waves were crashing onto the run route and the paths were flooded.
My running legs didn’t really kick in till halfway through the half marathon and I tried to push and make up for some lost time. Frankly I am disappointed with my performance today despite the tough conditions out there but told myself to try harder on another day”

Clint Morrison from South Australia
“First ever did not finish. Back spasms after the first 20k on the bike. Still managed to do the full bike but didn’t do the run. Oh well”

Shane and Clint

Team member Shane Bamford with Clint Morrison



Tim bikeTim Ford from Sydney
“Crazy swim. Horrible bike. Amazing Race. I love this sport. 4:40 today and in these conditions thats as good as a 4:29 for me today. STOKED”
CWKCraig Willows-Keetley from QLD
“Tough day at challenge melbourne, but got it done in the end, good training day and lots to work on for roth”


In true Team MaccaX spirit the crew got warm and dry and headed out for refreshment.  Good times.
after party