Jo the Stalker caught up with team member Aaron Jackson.

Aaron is no stranger to sport. He played a lot of them, 12 in fact – team sports were his thing.

However with work commitments he started to gain weight. He found himself in a cycle of gaining weight over winter when he travelled a lot and coached ice-hockey, leaving no time for his own training. He would get fit in the summer only to repeat the cycle through winter.

He realised he needed a goal, that goal was a triathlon race in Arizona, where he was living at the time. Like many athletes Aaron assumed he had the fitness and the thing he was worried about least was the swim, until he jumped in the pool, did one lap and was exhausted!

He set a goal for himself a 10 year plan to do a full IM distance. In fact it was to be much sooner that he completed one – IM Arizona in 2011.

He stumbled across Team MaccaX after watching Macca come second to Norman Stadler in Kona – he saw an interview and loved his attitude, his “I’m here to win” mentality. Aaron bought and read Macca’s book and watched Macca win the following year.

After following Macca on social media he jumped on board with MaccaX pretty much straight away. Aaron has found the training plans and workouts included in the membership to be invaluable – in particular the swim workouts.

Rather than just swimming an hour mindlessly up and down the pool, Aaron incorporates the workouts such as Elevators and Inhaler into his regular training. He reduced his IM swim time from 1.32 in Arizona to 1.23 in Lake Placid!



In 2013 Aaron started to notice pain in his back. At IM Lake Placid he struggled and hurt for the entire 42km run. As so many do, he decided it wasn’t bad enough to stop so he continued to train through the pain. He was worried he would gain weight and lose his fitness. He finally decided to get it checked out when he was unable to bend down to change a flat!

Two bulging discs were the result and diagnosis of Facet Syndrome – this was not something easily, or quickly fixed. It was time to take a break and repair the injury. Around the same time Aaron moved back to his native Canada. There he found a physio, an ex-rower who got Aaron pain free through rehab exercises and finally some injections.

After a long break Aaron is back into training. It’s now winter in Canada which makes it tough but he is swimming regularly and doing indoor bike riding.  


Being a part of Team MaccaX has given Aaron motivation to keep going, he loves the accessibility to the pros and coaches, Macca, the Grangers and Brenton Ford as well as the camaraderie between team members on the Facebook group.

So what’s next for Aaron?

His goal is the new IM 70.3 Lake Placid in September 2017 and then Challenge Roth in 2018. Good luck!