Jo the Stalker caught up with team member Luke Woods from NSW, Australia recently. He won a Roth spot for 2017 after being nominated by team mates in MaccaX.

So you won the entry into Challenge Roth! Well done. Have you started training yet?

I was so excited to win the free entry into Roth. This year has seen some big changes to my life, especially my father passing away in May. We are planning a big family holiday to Europe next year starting with the race and then going over to France to watch the Tour De France and then travelling through Switzerland, Austria and Italy. I have started training, but at the moment focusing on racing some tris over a variety of distances this summer.

What program are you following?

Currently I am half way through a 12 week Olympic plan by Justin Granger from the MaccaX site. I am starting to add some distance to the long ride and run as instructed by Juz. Next year I hope to get personal coaching from Justin leading up to the race. I am also about to get some help from a friend on my swimming, back in his day he trialed from Commonwealth Games, so I’m sure he has some knowledge to pass onto me.




You’re an age-grouper with two kids – how’s your time management?

My wife Kelly says it’s not the best. I do tend to procrastinate a fair bit. Have started organizing myself better of late. We sit down and organize our weeks around training, her writing and kids’ activities. We are both becoming busier with new ventures we are doing, so time management is vital, so hopefully I will continue to get better in organizing myself.




What brought you into triathlon?

Looking back to when I was younger I remember watching triathlons and surf lifesaving and always being intrigued by it. I probably watched Macca in The Super Series that was popular back in the 90s. I live in Huskisson, a couple hours south of Sydney and triathlon has grown down here over the past 11 years with the Australian Long Course title being held there in February, so when my rugby playing years were coming to an end I ventured into an enticer event to keep myself fit and active and from there I fell in love with the challenge and toughness required. I now love being involved in a sport that has such a positive environment. I think it is a great sport for kids to be around.

Is this your first iron distance?

This will be my first full distance event. I have done 7 Half distance events and various Olympic and sprint events.

How did you find MaccaX?

Well I first came across Macca by seeing his book at the airport in Brisbane. I read it rather quick, a surprise to my wife as I’m not much of a reader. From there I did a bit of research about Macca and came across the site, so I was one of the first to join.

What do you like most about the group?

Not that I have had a lot to do with the group of late, except on Facebook, but I do love the team environment that it has become. The first Phuket camp was a blast and great meeting the crew. I hope to get more active with the group again and hope to meet more people and catch up with others I have already met. Living out of a major city does make it a bit more difficult to catch up with people and train, which I would love to do.

luke-woodsbroken-legYou had a major setback when you broke your leg playing soccer – talk us through the mental toughness required to recover and then come back?

I actually found it quite funny through the recovery phase. Two weeks after I broke it, Kelly flew out to Europe for nearly 3 weeks, leaving me in a two storey house with 2 kids to look after. Luckily my mother lives close by and helped out a lot. I broke my right leg so I couldn’t even drive for 12 weeks. I had a full length cast and had to awkwardly lie in the bath with my leg hanging out the side. Going to the bar was great, I never had to go and buy the beers as I couldn’t carry them. The hardest part was when the cast actually came off. I just figured that I would walk out of the hospital and start running again. My ankle being set in place for so long caused it to seize up and took a longtime to recover to a standard that I could run again. I do remember worrying sometimes if it would ever actually fully recover. It was over a year from breaking my leg till I did another triathlon.

Do you still play soccer?

I have played some games this year. Was very wary though. My leg was broken in a 50/50 tackle where the opponent kicked through and snapping my leg in the middle of my shin. So I have become very cautious or you could just call me soft. Haha.

What’s your favourite discipline?

I don’t know if I have a favourite. I like them all for different reasons. I just love being in the ocean, so I love swimming. I love going fast on the bike and the run I love the mental toughness required to keep pushing.

Favourite workout?

I like the MVO2 workout. I like doing intervals on the trainer. You can really get a sweat going and I have noticed an improvement in my riding already, plus you can catch up on TV shows. I also like an early morning beach swim. It’s a great start to the day.

What advice would you give other busy age groupers with young families?

Structure and planning, something we are still improving on but we are getting better by the week. We organize weekly meal plans, who’s cooking each night and structure individual time for each of us as well as time as a family. Time is so important, but we all waste a lot of it. So plan, plan, plan ahead.

 We’ll be following Luke’s progress in the run up to Roth – good luck!