Read about Mike Robinson from New Zealand, who won his age group at the recent Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya in the blistering heat, how far he’s come, and where he’s headed.


Fat to Fit and Beyond: Mike Robinson’s Story
(in his own words)

In December 2011 weighed in at 118 kg and struggled to run 3km without stopping. In December 2012 I put my head down and started to change my life day after day with two goals in mind: 1. To lose weight and 2. Complete my first triathlon.

I raced motocross for 17 years, 4 years on a professional level in Asia and when I went through a bad patch in life I stopped racing and training. I lost myself, I was depressed, it took me a while to find myself again after getting myself out of the rut, but things happen for a reason and I’m proud to see where I am at now!

I am now proud to say that since March 2012 I now weigh in 44kg lighter at 75kg. Every time I have raced I have been achieving a personal best. What makes triathlons that much better is the people that are in it, and the different levels which gives constant motivation to not only stay healthier but also push myself beyond my own expectations and expectations of those around me.

I signed up with MaccaX 1 month before my first half ironman in November 2012 and for me it has been about constant education from the team members. But I must say the best part has been the door for networking, making lifetime friends and being involved in everyone’s journey.


My triathlon journey for me leaves me speechless but I constantly strive to share my journey with those around me and it is amazing how many people I have helped motivate to challenge themselves and look beyond what people around them think and to get out there and give it a go. I used to think to myself “I don’t have time to train” but somehow around 45 hours in a working week I have found on average 25 hours of training each week.

I never expected anything when I started out. I had no background, I was a bad swimmer at school, wasn’t really interested in cycling and I couldn’t run to save myself.

However, I am very competitive due to racing motocross. I test and push myself to limits like most others wouldn’t, which I think gets me to where I am, I’m really hard on myself so it is hard for me to feel success which keeps me pushing on as I know I can always do better.

I will continue to use 2014 and 2015 to build to qualify for 70.3 worlds in 2015, with the key focus being to use this to build for my first IRONMAN in 2016 in Taupo to attempt to qualify for Kona in my last year in 25-29 age group. From there I will review my goals in 12-16 months’ time for beyond 2016 as I will know my limits.

I always challenge myself to be better than myself, I strive to be the best but at the end of the day I want to be better than I am today, better than I am next week and better than me in a year’s time which keeps me continuously chasing to better myself not just in sport but who I am.

Switch your training up and don’t get stuck in a routine, enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to fail. Do what makes you happy! Whether that is to complete a triathlon, beat your PB or win a race, loving what you do is so important.

Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman
Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer with ten years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. She blogs at about endurance sport in the Philippines and beyond.