by Curtis Kloc

Are you a procrastinator? Do you know what you should be doing? But not doing it? Are you reading an article about a better way to do what you need to do and never actually getting around to it?

Well, it’s Monday morning and I know you think you had a hard training weekend and you need to recover. You do, but let’s get that leg workout out of the way first thing on a Monday morning. All you need is 30-40 minutes and two dumbbells somewhere between 10lbs and 30lbs (5kg and 15kg), depending on your current strength level. Don’t be an A type and overdo it and pull something with a weight that is too heavy.

This will work all of your leg muscles, including your glutes and the inside & outside of your hips. And you’ll feel great knowing you got your leg workout done for the week. You can even post some leg day memes on your Facebook page or post on the Team MaccaX page.

Warm up

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 200 jump ropes
  • 10 body weight walking lunges with arms straight above your head (almost touching your ears)
  • 20 body weight squats (get your hips below your knees)
  • Easy 60 jog or jog in place

Main Set 1



10/leg walking Lunges with dumbbell weights, bicep curl each time you stand






15 squats with weights into swimmers press







20/leg fire hydrants




Water Break 60-90 seconds

Repeat Main Set 1

  • Run 60 seconds or 200 jump ropes

Water Break 60-90 seconds

Main Set 2

index 2index 014bffd93af1834a_plank-with-donkey-kick-FP.xxxlarge





  • 10 sumo squat with upright row
  • 15 one legged deadlift (only use one of the weights)
  • 20/leg plank with butt kick

Water Break 60-90 seconds

Repeat Main Set 2

  • Run 60 seconds or 200 jump ropes

Main Set 3






  • 10/leg Chair Lunges
  • 15/leg One Legged Calf Raises
  • 20/leg leg abductors

Water Break 60-90 seconds

Repeat Main Set 3

  • Run 60 seconds or 200 jump ropes

 *Cooldown and stretch, foam roll

*do not skip

Aren’t you glad you have your leg workout done for the week ?!

If you have questions about technique or other strength issues, email me at