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Training Plan Overview

Key Points …

  • 00:45 – All Systems tend to use the same components
  • 01:00 – Different Coaches have different systems
  • 01:12 – Key to success is consistent work under a set structure
  • 01:40 – Rest
  • 02:05 – Recovery
  • 02:44 – Foundation
  • 03:30 – Strength
  • 04:20 – Speed

7 Day Weekend Warrior Training System – (1 of 3)


Where this system came from?

This is the exact system I used earlier in my career while I was short course specialist and it took me to a world championship in 1997. It was introduced to me by the Australian Olympic coach at the time Cole Stewart who was the father of the legendary Miles Stewart who also won the ITU world championships in 1991.

Having the system in place to make me train smart and not just hard all the time made all the difference in the world with my results and I was unstoppable for many years after learning to apply and master this system.

Who is this system for?

  • Great if you have limited time to train
  • Beginner to Intermediate level or above
  • Sprint + Olympic + 70.3 + Iron Distance
  • Anyone who needs structure and needs direction
Want More? Buy Full Package Now – Save 50% off with Promo Code MX12 (Expires July 31st)

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