Coach Sergio‘s Tip – Why I don’t schedule Day Off to athletes

Dear members,

I have been asked many times why I don’t have any Day (s) Off on my plans and coaching in general so I decided to write a bit about it.

I don’t schedule Day(s) Off on my plan or coaching because I believe “life” always give us day off anyway !

Either due to family commitments, work, or other obligation(s) we might have, we end up always missing a day of training anyway.

So let’s say I have a schedule Day off on Thursday and it happens that you’re very busy with work on Friday and miss a workout, then you would be missing consistency by having 2 days without a workout! Does it make sense ?

Also I believe that no one knows your body better than yourself to determine when you need a day off. If you feel tired, then you take a day off! Also if you feel ok, you should workout and not waste the opportunity! Remember that with high training consistency, any day you decide to take off would be ok and no workout is more important then the other. If you are consistent, taking a day off would not interfere on your training progression.

Cheers !

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