Member Spotlight: Pedro Paixao takes on Ultraman Florida

Kathy Black supporting Pedro Paixao at Ultraman FloridaAfter finishing Ironman Cozumel in December 2014, Pedro Paixao set his sights on Ultraman Florida. Only 40 athletes are allowed entry into this 3-day, 320 mile (514.5 kilometer) ultra- endurance event where you swim 6.2 miles, bike 261.4 miles, and run 52.4 miles.

He was not alone: fellow MXVIP Kathy Black crewed for him and kept the team updated on his progress. Pedro finished in 12th overall and is the first MaccaX member to complete an Ultraman! Congratulations to him, and kudos also to Kathy for her support.

Here’s what Pedro had to say about his achievement: “Last day was brutal, but the blistering heat actually helped me as people started having real problems in the midday sun…

“All in all I am so very happy with the whole experience. All that we often hear, or complain about, the WTC commercial interests is still non-existent in the Ultraman organization. At the end they did not say ‘Pedro you are an Ultraman’. All they said was ‘welcome to the family’ and that’s what it felt like. Amazing.”

Pedro has won a MaccaX Performance of the Month award and will be participating in the Ultraman World Championship.

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