MaccaX welcomes sports dietician Chloe McLeod

Chloe McLeod, sports dietician

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MaccaX welcomes dietician Chloe McLeod to its team of experts.

MaccaX is pleased to announce the addition of sports dietician and accredited practicing dietician Chloe McLeod to its team of experts. The largest online triathlon coaching platform, MaccaX seeks to provide its athletes access to the necessary tools and expertise to achieve their individual goals in the sport.

Nutrition is regarded as the fourth discipline in triathlon. Success in endurance sport depends on keeping energy levels up to power through the hours spent on course.

Triathletes at every level from beginner to pro stand to benefit from putting the right kind of food at the right time into their bodies to get more out of their bodies. This includes managing nutrition throughout training as well as racing.

“Having a nutrition plan you have confidence in help you focus on training effectively, remain healthy and achieve performance gains through tweaking what you are eating,” says McLeod, who currently works with corporate health and private clients in triathlon, cycling and running in Sydney.

"Regardless of where you are located, a nutrition plan doesn't have to be missing from your arsenal come race day."

On the MaccaX online platform, McLeod will provide athletes nutrition advice and nutrition plans even in the remotest of locations. “I love the online community MaccaX has created, meaning geography is no longer an issue,” she says. “Much of what we can work on with nutrition plans can be done remotely – meaning regardless of where you are located, a nutrition plan doesn’t have to be something that is missing from your arsenal come race day.”

Chloe McLeod, sports dietician

Chloe McLeod has had a keen interest in nutrition from a young age due to food intolerances as well as a realization about the important role food plays in an active lifestyle. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, a master’s degree in Public Health, has received Sports Dietetics training through the Australian Institute of Sport, and has earned qualifications for ISAK Level 1, and is a member of DAA, SDA, and PINES. She is a two-time marathoner, avid trail runner, and also enjoys staying active through snowboarding and Pilates.

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Noelle De Guzman
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