Racing for Team Hoyt – Boston Marathon


MaccaX team members Simon Shurey and Dennis Charles ran the Boston Marathon as part of Team Hoyt.  Simon recently shared his experience on his blog and you can read the entire report here.

Bryan Lyons Simon Shurey Dick Hoyt

Simon Shurey (centre) with Brian Lyons and Dick Hoyt


…There should be a disclaimer when joining Team Hoyt that this should be very emotional and moving. We received our running gear and we then headed over to a runners world presentation presented by Dick and Rick Hoyt.



It was again a very moving, powerful, insightful and gave you better understanding of what the Hoyts had achieved. It filled your sense of purpose and heart a little more, Yes You Can was real.

Race day I woke up at 4.30am, met up with the team a couple more team photos and we all headed off to the bus. We wished Bryan Lyons success on this amazing day, second person ever to push Rick at Boston Marathon. It was raining and was predicted to get windier by the hour.

I felt comfortable and settled into a nice pace, I had to remind myself to be patient, I chose to run down the middle of the road as puddles were an issue. Whenever the crowd saw the Team Hoyt colors the response was remarkable, I really got a sense of how much love and admiration Boston as for the Hoyts. Sometimes it was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think

Mile 17 I started to really feel my quads tightening up, I was hitting my first bad patch of the day. I felt really good going up the hills and had no issues, it was going downhill that I was started to struggle. My running pace was now around 8.15, at the moment I decided today was about enjoying myself rather then pushing myself so hard.

Mile 21 I had left a bottle with Team Hoyt aid station with an infinit mix. (The original plan was to have this at mile 17). This allowed me not to stop at aid stations and save me some time. I did not walk any of the hills; I was amazed at how many peeps were walking those hills.

The home stretch overall I felt good but my quads had been getting more painful by the minute, I knew that I just had to suck it up.

At mile 25 I did see my wife and of course stopped, it is always amazing how choked up you get when you see your partner.

Basically I had a mile left to go from that point onwards, I put my head down, sucked it up and embraced the noise of the crowd. Turned left on to Boylston street and pushed it to the finish line. I had forgotten how far that home stretch was.

When I crossed that line I felt satisfied that I given my all.

Simon Shurey and Rick Hoyt

Simon Shurey and Rick Hoyt

Overall I was satisfied with the run, in hindsight I should have just focused on running in my training leading up to the marathon.

Running for Team Hoyt was an honor and a privilege, it was an amazing experience. the words YES YOU CAN will have special meaning . The Hoyt’s are truly loved and I just got a glimpse of that from the amazing crowd support. It was a great weekend for sure. So many highlights from this weekend I cannot wait to do it again.