Rebekah is going to the 70.3 World Championships!

MY tactical decision to race Vichy was simple. I wanted to podium and get a slot to Worlds Mooloolaba. Why Vichy? because it was close to Switzerland (6 hours drive) and was on the same weekend of the worlds … hence all the fast athletes were absent.
Lead up to the race was not ideal as was building a house, sold old house, moved into a rental house… then 1 day before the race house we sold fell through… so mind not on the race.

Swim: I really need to practice my sighting, and not tangle myself up while getting out of wetsuit. I must have zig-zag all the way.
Bek BikeCycle: Big mistake was that I had 2 gels and only 500ml bottle on the bike in 35 degree heat. I did not bonk as I rode very very conservatively. I think I need to train more at race pace as my race pace was more training pace. started to feel hungry at the 80km mark (ooops). In addition I did not like the EGO male athletes out there hating women passing them, who would speed up pass then slow down… continuously then bonk at 70km mark.




Bek RunRun: leg felt good… but had not fueled so really wanted to stop when i ran past my hotel at the 5km mark. I refocused and walked the aid stations and refueled. I have a masters in Nutrition so really had no excuses, just too much going on outside of the sport.

Result was what I wanted podium and 2016 slot. I was lucky as some chick was running me down (i did not notice) and did not quite get there. She lost by 2 seconds