Chef Tim Recher has been a very busy man with his role and family, not to mention training for Challenge Roth!  He shares an update plus a great recipe below.

“My job is Executive chef of the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington/Washington, DC. So we just entered the busiest time of the year for me, no days off for the past 30 days and none until next Sunday when I am running a half Ironman in training for Roth. So that’s my excuse for not getting any recipes up the past month or so. So with work, a 18 month old baby, 2 teenagers, and an amazing wife (not sure if she will see this!), it’s been hectic.

I try to spend a day or two prepping up food for the week so I can eat healthy and fuel right for training. I have been basically following a more paleo/clean meal plan and it has been great. Lots more energy and have lost 25 pounds and just over 5% body fat. Long way to go but at least I am still moving forward.

Trying to focus on the training I have done and not what I missed. So on that note I had a 15 mile run this morning in the rain (uphill both ways I swear!). In my office fridge I had my recovery breakfast ready to go into the microwave so I don’t eat everything in the kitchen.
This is a batch recipe that I break into 5 meals.”


2 Tbs coconut oil
1lb ground Bison (buffalo)
seasonings to taste:
salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, granulated garlic, dry oregano
6 each eggs, beaten (whole-try to find a farm, it is absolutely worth it)
12 cups baby spinach
3 cups chopped onion (I used Vidalia but use whatever you want)
3 cups grape tomatoes, halved
1 sweet potato, baked, cooled, and cut into medium chunks
3 cups sliced mushrooms

1) heat the coconut oil in a non stick skillet over medium high until the oil flows like water
2) add the bison and flatten it out to allow it to brown (brown equals flavor)
3) while it is browning, season the top
4) when it is good and brown, flip it and break the meat up into medium-small pieces
5) add the onions and mushrooms, stir and sauté for a couple minutes until they start to soften
6) add the potato & the tomatoes, stir and cook an additional 3 minutes
7) pour in the eggs and turn down the heat to medium low
8) allow to set for a minute and then scramble
9) when the eggs are almost done, add all the spinach (don’t worry, it will all cook down) and turn off the heat
10) stir until the spinach has wilted into the mixture
11) taste and re-season to your preference

Either eat now or cool and portion into your meals. Like I said, I made 5 breakfasts with this. When it was time to eat, I added a small tossed salad dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with “hash/scramble” with 2 tsp of guacamole and a lot of sriracha. I could eat this almost every morning!

Numbers for the entire recipe:
calories: 1548
carbs: 80 g
protein: 159 g
Fat: 65