Sports Nutritionist – Mikki Williden


I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. I attained my Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) with First Class Honours in 2003, focusing on the development of a childhood obesity prevention programme. I obtained my PhD in 2011, completing my doctoral thesis in health and productivity in the New Zealand workforce.

I have been privately consulting with clients since 2006, and have worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals. I have a regular column in Bite Magazine, which is part of the New Zealand Herald. Currently I am also working part time as a senior lecturer and researcher at AUT University, 0Auckland, teaching public health and sports performance nutrition. I am part of the Human Potential Centre researching the effects of low carbohydrate, high fat diets on health and performance outcomes for adults, children and athletes.


I am passionate about maintaining good health and wellbeing through a whole food approach to nutrition, regular exercise, and a focus on optimising lifestyle factors that influence our ability to cope with the demands of everyday life. I am a Registered Nutritionist and Senior Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition and Sports Performance Nutrition at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.

I have been a vocal advocate of good health and nutrition my whole life. In recent years I have adopted a real food approach to eating and living, focusing on minimally processed, quality ingredients, quick to prepare and super tasty.

My other great love is running. I have been an endurance athlete since my early years at University, reaching national level success, particularly in the marathon, running a sub-three hour marathon and regularly training and racing in endurance running and triathlon events in New Zealand and overseas. These days I take a more relaxed approach to training and racing but you will still find me out running most mornings.

I am a vocal blogger and Facebook advocate and have worked with many top level triathletes, endurance athletes and media personalities, either to optimise their athletic performance or simply assist them to maintain a better approach to nutrition. You may have heard my many musings on Fitter Radio. My good friend and colleague Bevan McKinnon and I host a regular podcast, interviewing professional athletes and health and nutrition experts and generally espousing our opinions on all things sport and nutrition.

I look forward to being assistance to anyone in the MaccaX Family and sharing in your journey of good health and fitness.