Sweat Testing Phuket Only 3500THB

From the result of a single sweat test, we provide you with a personalized hydration strategy. This personalized report advises you on the most appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment before, during, and after exercise. We will help in determining the type of electrolyte drink and concentration that is best for you.  Managing electrolyte balance is critical to optimum performance… hard to do if you don’t know your individual sweat composition.  Poor management of this electrolyte balance can result in cramps or hyponatremia.  Additionally, your performance drops off well before these symptoms occur.

This is the exact same process that MaccaX member Rebekah Bruhwiller will be doing with you, normally priced between $200-$250 USD …

This test is only available during the MaccaX camp between Nov 20th and 30th in 2016 … http://www.maccax.com/2015-maccax-thanyapura-phuket-camp/

To book this please contact Rebekah direct to set up your appointment so you don’t miss out. bruhwiller@mac.com