triathlon training plans

August 15, 2015

Coach Sergio – Swim Workout

Swim Workout – 75’s Day ! (Done in 25m/yds pool) Dear athletes, Her’s another great workout for you where we cover a lot of triathlon needs:
August 15, 2015

Coach Sergio – How to get Faster Swimming

This week here at Thanyapura we had another athlete and another success story! Maria Del Carmin on a 1,900m test set improved over TWO minutes from
May 18, 2015

Coach Sergio’s Tips – Foam Roller Therapy

Coach Sergio Borges shared a great article with some guidance on Foam Roller Massage For the full article please click here. BENEFITS OF Foam Roller Massage
April 30, 2015

Coach Sergio – Triathlon is not a swim+bike+run Part Two

by Sergio Borges Hey Guys, Here’s the Part Two (of three) as I promised ! Enjoy ! Looking at a great champions like Michael Phelps (swimmer)
April 14, 2015

Coach Sergio’s Tips – Superman Syndrome

by Sergio Borges “Superman Syndrome” – Serious disease that affect athletes when they are fit, very common in professional level and it’s VERY contagious ! When