Team Gift – Get Your Free Plan!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website.

This is going to allow us to build a real cutting edge team and focus more on the content rather than the code. You’ll now only need to log into the 1 place to get everything you’re paying for as a member …

  • Sessions
  • Plans (1st plan free!)
  • PDF’s
  • Team Events Calendar (please add your events)
  • Forums (coming next)
  • Community(social chats, tribes, posts coming next)

The best part is everything works seamlessly on your smart phones, even android 🙂

Please understand this is version 1.0 and we’re still building out new features and we’re always going to be improving and building upon this for you.

Our software partner Training Tilt will be doing all the heavy lifting with this site which will allow Chris, Belinda, myself, Jojo and team to focus more on generating more content and value for every one of you.


To celebrate the launch, we’re giving each one of you a free plan that you can use now or apply later.

These plans were done by Sergio and have a heavy influence from Chris, many of his sessions are embeded into these.


Step 1: Enter your email

You must use the email you used to set up your MaccaX account with to verify you’re a current member.

Step 2: Pick your complimentary plan