Team MaccaX 2016 Triathlon Support Scholarships

Team MaccaX is accepting applications for 6 scholarship spots only opening up Jan 1st 2016.

We are looking for people who are having a tough time in one way or the other and could really do with some help, they could be from an underprivileged family or even a young up and coming triathlete that could use some guidance and help.

They need to stand out and be worthy of the scholarship in some special way. We will have the judges do the initial screening then share with the team the finalists to help pick.

What they get:

  • Full access to the MaccaX video vault of training sessions + triathlon training plans
  • Personalized coaching from one of our 3 great coaches
  • Interaction and advice from 4 X World Champion, Macca + Ironman legend Belinda Granger
  • Support from our global community of over 700 world wide
  • MaccaX race visor
  • A network of fun and influential people behind you that can help build your career

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