Thanyapura: Our Team Home Base

After our MaccaX triathlon training camp in Phuket last year, some of our MXVIPs are making their way to Thanyapura to experience training in The Boss’s new backyard. Saleh BinTalib was there before he started tapering for Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya, and he absolutely loved the experience.

Saleh BinTalib at Thanyapura“If you need to train away from any distractions then this is the place for you,” he said.

For swimming, he only needed to bring his goggles. The facility had the fins, pull buoys, and paddles that he needed to complete the swim session laid out by the coach. “The coach will explain to you what you should aim to do in the sets, and you learn that you can do more than what you always do. I have never done more than 2km in the pool. That day, I did 3km.”

He also joined some of the group rides out of Thanyapura and smashed himself in some TT sets. For, running, he recommends, “I’d encourage you to run in the groups coz of the dogs! There is nothing flat about the run route and heat is a huge factor. Carry liquid and salt tabs.”

Saleh is planning to return to Thanyapura soon. “As long as you don’t think highly of yourself that place is great to learn. I thought I was an OK athlete, but I realise I am not… It was the mental toughness that got me through and if I don’t sharpen the physical side I would be screwed. I learnt to be willing to hurt. There are great guys training with you so you can ask and learn.”

As MXVIPs we have discounts and special rates at Thanyapura, so you can come and train anytime you want to step up your game. You can still sign up for the MaccaX Phuket Camp in November — $89 only! Slots are limited and selling out fast. >> Sign up here <<

There’s also going to be a Super Camp at Thanyapura from 23 to 30 August. This is a “pro fantasy camp” because the pros will use it in their build to Kona. It’s a perfect foundation training block for those looking to peak for their A race in September to November. Team members get 10% off! Check it out at

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