by Sergio Borges

About the long run….
If you’re getting back in shape, are the muscular type or a little over weight, you should be careful with volume (and frequency) but also the terrain you run. I usually recommend to my athletes to do a combination of treadmill and road/trails. Treadmill helps to reduce the impact and if you want to mimic hills, you can without having to deal with the downhills (increase load on knees). Also do not run every day, every other day is enough for MOST Age Group athletes out there ! Stay healthy and love the sport !

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Belinda Granger: “Totally agree. I have found since I have hit 40 my joints don’t like the concrete paths or the roads so much anymore so I try to run hard packed dirt/trails when I can and then many of my harder interval sessions are done on the treadmill. I also like to finish many of my longer or harder runs at the pool or the beach so I can jump in the water straight away and do 5-10mins of easy water running. Just feels so good and loosens up the ankle, knee and hip joints”