Move The Way Nature Intended

MaccaX welcomes mobility coach Luke Taylor to its team of experts.

The human body is naturally designed to run, but the modern lifestyle of excessive sitting and lack of physical activity has led to muscle and posture imbalances occurring more regularly. These imbalances can greatly hinder our physical activity and can reduce our capacity to perform the running, swimming and cycling movement at a high level. It is the inability to move correctly that will increase the likelihood of getting an injury.

Luke Taylor created the Taylored Method to uncover underlying issues that often go undiagnosed, that too often are what are holding you back. He identifies small changes to be implemented with the right conditioning to achieve maximal results with minimal time wasted. He and his team at Taylored Health NZ take a holistic approach, looking at the four foundational pillars of health: Physical, Mental, Lifestyle, Fuel.

Once the foundation is established, performance and conditioning comes in to tap into your full potential.

"There is nothing more liberating than seeing someone who has always been restricted by pain and being the one to remove that barrier."

Luke began his journey into the field of Health and Wellness when as a very young rugby-playing child in New Zealand he was diagnosed with a flexibility disorder. Graduating with a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science in 2012 from Wintec, and just recently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning, Luke specializes in exercise rehabilitation, corporate wellness, and athletic performance.

Luke knows from personal experience that physical limitations can be a symptom of a deeper issue. He says, “I was unable to run for 3 years due to dealing with severe chronic injuries that would not heal. Traditional medicine had no answer so it was not until I looked deeper beyond just the physical component and identified I was struggling with underlying issues (gut health & adrenal stress) that left my body in a stressed state unable to heal. Once I addressed these underlying issues I quickly saw improvements and was able to run again.” 

Luke put the Taylored Method to the test in training for his first Ironman (2018 IMNZ), and along the way qualified for the New Zealand national age group team at the 2017 Triathlon World Championships in Rotterdam. He is now headed to the 2018 World Champs on the Gold Coast, and qualifying for Kona is on his radar.


Luke Taylor is a Health and Performance Specialist who works with people ranging from corporates to athletes, who are looking for a competitive edge and to optimize their performance.


– Postgraduate Diploma In Sport & Exercise Science
– REP’s Registered
– Trigger Point Performance Foam Rolling (Level 1)
– Endorsed Stress Managment Provider (SMEAEP)
– Certified Sports Medic
– Certified First Aid

After being failed by the medical system, he established a unique all-encompassing approach, the Taylor Method. Looking at factors such as stress, sleep, gut health, posture, movement, and injuries, the approach is tailored to each individual to identify what underlying issues are hindering their performance.

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