Tim Ford turned his life around with triathlon, losing over 50 kg, becoming one of the top athletes in his age group, and is now helping fellow athletes succeed in this complex sport.

Working with a wide range of athletes, Tim has excelled with those starting out in the sport as well as those moving up in distance or seeking PB’s. His athletes exceed their own expectations by completing events they never could have dreamed of — ironmans, 70.3s, Olympic distance, marathons, half-marathons and everything in between. 

Through structured triathlon training and basic nutrition, Tim has helped athletes lose weight. His athletes have achieved PB’s in excess of an hour at the IM distance and over 30 minutes at the 70.3 distance.

Tim personally knows what it is like to go from fat to fit, from slow to speedy.

“I was literally the slowest athlete and have had to work very hard for a very long time to get to the level that I am today. I do not think I make a good coach because I am a fast athlete. I think I am a good coach because I have lived every step of the journey from being unable to run to winning races.”

With a background in personal training, he has enhanced his triathlon-specific knowledge under experienced mentors as well as Ironman University certification. He works with each athlete individually to understand what their goals are and how best to help them achieve what they want to do.

In addition to triathlon coaching, Tim also offers weight loss coaching, monitoring nutrition to help you start you own weight loss journey.

For more about Tim, visit his website oztriathlete.com or listen to his podcast ThinkFit on iTunes.

"I understand exactly what my athletes are going through when they are hurting, when they feel too heavy to run or too unfit to ride -- or even too unhappy with their body to wear swimmers and jump in the pool."

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  • full Team MaccaX Membership with full access to the complete MaccaX library of sessions which will be integrated into your program
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  • Customized training plan based on you
  • Interactive plan you can engage with your coach on
  • Emails to your coach (Once a week to check in)
  • Once a month tweeks to your plan by Coach as necessary
  • Emails during taper time to make sure you’re race ready

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Social Media Love

When I approached Tim for some coaching last year, I kinda knew that he would not go easy on me, and some sessions were quite tough but always doable. Only a few months later, I was able to smash my PBs in all three sports, I ran a half marathon in 1:28 that seemed impossible to me and improved my ironman distance PB by 1 hour!

If you really want to achieve something in our beautiful sport, then I can definitely recommend Tim. He is not only a great ambassador for triathlon but he truly lives this lifestyle passionately, inspires athletes around him, and reminds you to TRI. Prepare for hard but very effective training plans, sessions that might hurt initially but will help you to reach the next level.

— John Rueth from the Philippines


When I first set myself a goal of doing a triathlon deep down i didnt really think it was possible. I was carrying too much weight and was a terrible swimmer. Tim took me on as a client and my results were terrific.

Not only did i complete my first tri, I lost a heap of weight in the process. The training was specific to both my ability and my race needs and was ever evolving as my skill and training capacity increased.

​One thing that sets Tim apart is his ability to motivate and encourage, to get the best out of you. This is the guy you want in your corner.

— Andy from Australia

I started training with Tim 18 months ago now as a very beginner triathlete. I was looking for some advice from someone with experience when I discovered Tim and was in awe at his journey, overcoming his own hurdles and adversity, evolving from unfit beginner triathlete to the very fit, healthy and successful athlete he trained hard at to become.

Tim’s story resonated with me and through his genuine, approachable nature and willingness to help this beginner, resulted in Tim being the ultimate mentor for me and soon to be coach. Training for a 70.3 seemed so impossible for me at the time but I stuck to the training and before I knew it I was participating in my first 70.3! 

​With Tim’s supportive and encouraging approach towards my training, I have been able to push past my limits and strive towards goals I once thought impossible. Looking forward to training for and achieving my next big goal!

— @littleninjamomo from Canada

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